To good to be true?

I first heard about Comodo last Thursday. A free firewall,cleaner and browser too This is for me! I thought I had found a home here. :slight_smile: Emailed my friends about it too. I could not wait to try it all out,but after four days of trying to update AV Signatures with no luck at all. I am done! after downloading C.S.S. last Friday.and the C. dragon too. Those downloads went fine,but I could not update AV Signatures at all!. I tried over and over, It would not update. Thats when I found a post by (Paula320- (Failed to update the virus signature database) It was dated 7/10/10 I am thinking and Comodo STILL has not got this fixed!? Then I found the post by (The Elf Himself-(Manual Download link for AV Signatures Not Up-To-Date???) I did as his post said. I renamed (bases.cav to base.old) Started that download on Friday. Got done with it around 4:45 A.M. Monday! Rebooted my computer and followed everything and it would NOT UPDATE! I may seem little ■■■■■■. >:( That is only because having a dial-up ISP. I can only stay on-line for a set number of hours before my ISP boots me off line.So when my 3 hrs is almost up. I stop the download log off-line then log back on-line and go back to downloading again. I spend four days trying to download this! Then I found in the post where Comodo’s Moderator EricJH wrote( He failed to see the problem) I am thinking Comodo must also fail to see this problem or they would have fixed it by now! ???
After following everything others were told to do by the COMODO moderators with no luck at all,it seems I am going have to dump it. There is a old saying ( If something sounds to good to be true most of the time it is!) Good luck to all of you that stay with Comodo. Maybe Comodo will fix it someday,but when? I did not post this to ■■■■ off COMODO,but think how many other people has this happened to and they just left Comodo WITHOUT letting you guys know why ? Thats all I am doing is telling you why and hope your fix it someday too.

Thank you for letting us know about your problem. Believe it or not most people have no problems installing and using CIS. From your perspective I assume you may be wary of this statement. :wink:

If you will please start your own topic in the CIS Help Section we will be able to assist you. You must understand that each system is different and therefore your problem is likely different than that of the posts you were trying to follow.

Please start a new post and let’s see if we can get to the root of your problems.



We could get our experts to remotely fix whatever problem you may have so that you don’t have to spend your time. (for free).


Thank you Chiron and Melih for replying to my post in the way that you both did. I had thought it may have been taken in the wrong way and glad it was not. I was only trying to let Comodo know there is a problem. As I gave up on it working. I,ll give it a try and make a new post over in the CIS Help Section. I had thought of trying before untill I did read on a post were a person had the same problem as I did and they could not help them. May I say even if COMODO will not work on my computer after all this. I want to thank you both for your kindness and trying to help me out. That was very nice of you both! Take care.