To Comodo staff: Please consider making CIS 6 supports WS2012 for personal usage

Dear Comodo staff,

  I really want to see CIS officially supporting WS2012 (or any other server version) based on the following reason.

  First, I understand CIS itself cannot be used in any business environment unless a business license for CIS is provided. However the point that I want to clarify for, is that using WS2012 may not necessarily means that it is being used in a productive environment. As some of you may know, DreamSpark offers Windows Server for free to students for studying purpose, and this is how I got my WS2012 for free and in a legit way. Moreover, I am using Windows server version instead desktop version is because I love its module installation process (but not because it can be used in a productive environment) to remove the things that I don't want to use. In addition, I also need to use HyperV in order to test malware or sometimes even compiling a Linux (android) kernel in a HyperV VM, in order to contribute to others and some android communities.

   Therefore, it is clear that one cannot judge whether the machine is used in a productive environment or not just based on version of the OS used. For such a reason, I highly recommend / hope you guys to at least consider supporting Windows Server version for non-productive environment.

   Moreover, as I have managed to install CIS 6 on my WS2012, I have found out that CIS 6 is working flawlessly on my WS2012 on fresh install, therefore I believe there is not much technical problems for making CIS 6 working on Windows Server version as basically the Wndows Server version is using the same kernel (iirc).  

   However, later on, as I have tried to update the program, I have found that Comodo (or CIS) is pushing (or receiving) program update from the comodo update server which is basically the same version of the existing one (same DLLs, see attachment), and CIS is asking me whether I want to update it or not (to the same 'new' version as the existing one). And after I have chosen 'yes', the Sandbox and Behaviour Blocker no longer works after receiving the new update in WS2012. 

  And later on, I have also tried to made the same setup on Windows XP and I have found that there is NO update pushed to the CIS 6 installed on my Windows XP VM.  (Although the new version received on Windows XP is the same one as the existing one, but CIS did not ask me whether I want to update it or not). So I really want to ask 'Is that necessarily push an update to a client computer just to get Sandbox and Behaviour Blocker disabled if it is using Windows Server? Or is it a bug existing in CIS 6 just for Windows Server version?'

  So once again, please consider making CIS supporting Windows Server version for non-productive environment, as I have got a legitimate copy of WS2012 for non-productive usage through DreamSpark and I believe there must be some people who are using the same setup as I do. Otherwise, please at least consider not pushing an update to disable some features for a client that is using WS2012, so that I can still keep using it in an unofficial way for testing and non-productive environment. 

   If someone is using the same set-up as I do for non-productive (or non-business) environment, please shows your request in this thread so that the staff may listen to our suggestion.

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