To Comodo about the "hijacking alerts".

Listen, a firewall is our best friend when on internet (this means always for many of us), and it must protect our computer not only from virtual burglars and killers but also from guest, pickpockets and shoplifters. We MUST be able to rely on it, it’s our private cop, we MUST be able to know that it does what we do ask it.

Now since my other thread, many other users have been complaining about these “hijacking” alerts, and the problem has been pointed to a possible OLE Automation issue.
“False alerts”, “if you know a prog is safe just let it go…”, was about everytime the answer.

Sorry, I know Comodo is for free, but I really cannot accept that, it’s a security issue.
On my computer there are exactly five programmes that are allowed to access internet at any time, a few just do when I ask them, and all the others should never do it.

Now why on earth am I expected to let any “known” prog to go out ?
Either this is misleading, or, because Comodo links it to the current running prog authorisation, is a security issue. Worst of all is when Comodo asks me an ok for a prog that is even in my block list, see my previous thread.

Comodo has a problem there, I think you should rethink your analising of the prog link chain, be it from OLE aut or whatever, and give the user the correct info, and I mean exactly that, not just by putting those msgs to silence.
Please see into this, it appears to have started since an update. Anyway, either formally right or wrong, these alerts are just confusing the user and eventually leading to a security issue.

Thank for reading, thanks for your outstanding work, thanks for making it free, and thanks in advance for trying to sort this out.
Until then, sorry, but I will be “hijacking” back to my old (& still pretty good) Syquest (shame on you Symantec for killing it).