To Brian [please, read]

Hi Brian, Geek.
I used GeekBuddy on my friend’s computer, cause i can’t install drivers (sound card). You can’t too.
Nobody can’t. You said that this may be a hardware problem.

This is strange. This was XP, but a modification.
It’s very hard to explain, but this modification has problems with sounds card. You must use regedit, install some windows updates, change registry value - then sound started working ( i found instructions on polish forum aobut this modification).

So, don’t worry, nobody would do this without instructions. This modification is very unusual, so keep up good work.


GeekBuddy is great service.
Small tip: next time you can ask customer that this is ‘clean’ system or modification, and when answer is yes you can warn him/her that this is a problem :stuck_out_tongue:

What type of modification are we talking about here? Nlite or otherwise?

I guess it was nlite.