To be able to see all the rules for an application in one place

Firewall, sandbox, defence and virus. It is possible that one application has a rule set in each list. Would it be possible to have a display that shows the rules for one application together in one place.


I’ve yet to make a window completely from scratch, but I think my next CIS Charrette thread may be to make this window.

However, I’m going to try a slightly different spin. Rather than a window with everything in it, a window with just the files and file groups, that allow you to jump directly to a file’s (or file group’s) respective policy windows would be better. Beside the file (or file group) name, the information on this window would be more abstract, essentially, just letting you know whether or not they have policies in various components of CIS, and maybe whether those policies are custom or predefined (and if predefined, the name of the policy).