TO ALL: What is your major purpose in life?

Everyone’s answer is correct Josh. It depends on whether they answer your question based on physicality, spirituality, intellectualism etc. Some might want to be rich, some might want to be happy, some might want to be smart. All valid goals.

It is possible to be simultaneously poor as dirt, dumb as dogsh@t and happy as Larry. Equally, the most miserable (in terms of personal happiness) person I know is also the richest (financially) man I know. The richest (in terms of personal happiness) I know is someone who generally doesn’t have two brass razoos to rub together.

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I feel very lucky. I think I found major purpose of life. And it’s not only my purpose, this is for everyone.
I hope so everybody will know that!

In brief:

1.) conscious freedom

2.) conscious happiness

3.) conscious ego-less

 What you should do: enjoy the (inside) silence. Consciously. 

Explaining at length: (If you interested in this.)

For example:
-OSHO - The Book of Ego (book)
-OSHO - Meditation: The First & Last Freedom (book)
-Richard Bach - Illusions (book)
-Fight Club (movie)




In quest. This is question of awareness. If I ain’t one I can say any words but they will be empty, senseless.

Hi Josh.
I have felt rather thankful to of had a chance at life, and yes it has its ups and downs but I try to focus on the good. I do thank Mum & Dad in my thoughts regularly for giving me this chance, and also making me feel safe and secure during growing up times. I have a precious little Daughter and my goals in life now are to give her a safe-secure feeling during her growing up times, and hopefully to live long enough to see her into a secure adulthood. Also doing my best at helping every little way I can to make the world a better place for future generations.
Focus on the good and the good is what you will see.

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Well said, really well said. :-TU

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Maybe ordinary but very fulfilling, and IMO it beats any fame or fortune in feeling contentment.
Well done to you.

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I’d love more than anything to be free from Gastroparesis.

Marry, have children and successful careers.

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I feel the major purpose of my life is to live happily.

A happy life at every stage, phase and every moment in my life, which would therefore include fulfillment of desires, rightful actions, happy family, happy neighbors, etc.

I would like to blend myself according to the need of the situations in such a way that I can enhance/maintain happiness in the surroundings.

I got a tool to achieve this. I regularly meditate, I learned TM (Transcendental Meditation) 6 years ago. I learned advanced course in TM i.e., TM Sidhi, which also includes levitation (effortless hopping). I now have enough experience of my own to appreciate the beauty and value of life, so I believe that it is possible for everyone to live happily, if he can maintain the coherence with the thoughts and actions of the surroundings.

Hope this adds some value to this topic.

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@SivaSuresh: Kundalini Yoga here, bro :wink:


You speak well humanoid. :slight_smile:

Yeagh, that’s close to what I’m approaching. To raise the quality of my life. To harmonize the life around me.

Are you hopping?
I took TM-Sidhi too. Even hopped for about a year. Then went to other practices.

I wish I could say that, but observing the people around me I found that they do all possible to unharmonize themselves and all around them.

Good to hear that you levitate. You can always practice what ever you like and you are comfortable with as long as it enriches your daily life. You can even practice many things along with TM, if you have time.

By the way, what else do you practice? Just out of curiosity

Beauty of life lies in how we see and perceive the nature, not how it actually is… For that matter there is no such absolute truth that everybody can perceive alike.

Let harmony and bliss flow from within you, then you will see it reflecting in your surroundings.

If the news in the daily papers bothors you more than the pain of your neighbour, you are surely not practicing TM, any meditation for that matter.

Spirituality is completely practical and it is appreciating life in and around you, enriching human values and there by enriching your surroundings and society.

spiritual life is a lot different from Politics where in everyone says he feels the pain of every other. It is false and does not happen to any common man.

Any person practicing spirituality, TM for instance, starts to look in and around him and improve the quality of life in and around him. Enriching the individuals is the only way one can enrich the society.