TO ALL: What is your major purpose in life?

What exactly…

Is your ultimate desire? Your chief aim?Your personal mission in life? Your vision, your purpose??

[b]I’m doing a fitness course, part of the course involves client services, gym programming & instruction and personal training.

It’s important to find out one’s goal, one’s purpose, when as a trainer, developing a fitness program for them to work with over a period of time. Some want to gain muscle. Some want to lose fat. Some just want to tone up.

This question here “Your major purpose in life” obviously isn’t related to fitness, but your life as a whole… having a goal for fitness development is a minor goal and we all have them. So I personally talked to the teacher, I talked to my class and everyone agreed to change our assignment to this because it’s much more interesting and it gives a sense of what people really want to be in life… their mission, ultimate desires and purpose…[/b]


Get married and have kids, secondary is to have personal company that makes software with me on top. :-TU

Hi Josh™ ,

1st, I would like 2 know what “deisre” means
I have some desires, but probably mentioned deisre-thingy is important too. If so, I wanna have it :wink:

Hi GakunGak,

I do admire the thought of having kids. That’s laudable indeed – no irony and/or sarcasm intended – true, I swear!
As for “getting married” … well… that is not really necessary (I’ll stop here)

I hope you’ll achieve that, being determined

That was your post #888 … it would be better if that was #777(the lucky number), … but you have many chances , because the number wasn’t = 666 ;D


Thanks for the good wishes, bro :wink: :-TU
I don’t see what’s wrong with the number 666?
You’re on the www which IS 666, to be frank, and it is the number of freedom, well, the last bastion of freedom if you will :wink:
Second, Satanism which I belong is not about killing babies or other mainstream media nonsense, it’s about Kundalini meditation and nothing else :slight_smile: Take it like Shaolin Monks who meditate every day.
Same with Satanism, meditation and nothing else :slight_smile: But this is a security forum and not religious discussion so I will stop here ;D Carry on :P0l

A desire is like a burning “yes!” inside of you. You have a strong, passion/desire to achieve or get something. For example, a desire to start a business.

So I ask… what is your ultimate desire, purpose, mission in life? What is your chief aim?? It’s your major goal that sums up all the other goals in your life.

Edit: Fixed spelling mistake. Apologizes.


Josh, take it easy

No need to apologize, man. Glad you got a joke

It’s just “Desire” is such a complex and complicated philosophical / physiological/ etc. entity. That makes it basically impossible to cover within this (or any other???) single thread

… but if somebody can simplify it - fine

Despite some knowledge, I wouldn’t even allow myself making a simple attempt :wink:


I have a huge DESIRE to have this toy

Instant pool in your back yard :-TU

In the words of Albert Schweitzer, “It is our duty as human beings to, every day, be of benefit to those around us.”.

It doesn’t have to be a big thing. The smallest act of kindness is a bigger thing than the largest act of ignorance.

Life doesn’t have to be any harder than this.

Ewen :slight_smile:

my ultimate desire is to allow all the beautiful on earth to reach the heaven by entering in my harem and tasting my marvelous body but i dont have enough time to satisfy them all. ^^

Hmmm… This is nice. But I am married and I have two fantastic daughters. So I’m happy as a husband and father. My dream is to have a good job and looking forward to grandchildren.
Such an ordinary dream …

Congrats, man, raising children in this day and age ain’t easy! :slight_smile:
I’m soon to be an uncle and I’d feel him like my son until I get my own, I have a gf who I already consider as my wife, so I’m THAT close to fulfilling a dream :wink:

I hope this is not very !ot!
I just want to wish You GakunGak and All of You (members of Comodo comunity) make Your dreams come true.
Greetings. :wink:

Thanks, man, I really appreciate it a lot!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :-TU :-TU :-TU


If that’s an ordinary dream, it’s one we should all aspire to.

I can’t say having grandchildren is better than having your own kids, but it’s the same but different. You’ll know what I mean when it happens. Watching your own children form their own families with their own children is the most precious thing a parent will ever see.

Regardless of your religious persuasion, children really are a gift from God (or whatever you choose to call Him) (or Her).

Ewen :slight_smile:

Interesting question. Why do you employ it?

I would better specify that there exist two things:
1 - you live your routine life then you are asked about the purpose of your life and you say your dreams, desires, plans or just start generalizing what’s happening with you in your life. So really there’s no purpose it’s just drifting with the stream.
2 - you really have some purpose as you are aware of your life, you choose situations happening with you and you are the master of your life.

So let’s be honest with ourselves and say that we don’t have any purpose of our lives. We are just drifting and what is happening with us is just what we like or dislike but that’s not our choice - it is happening.

A living is what you take out.

A life is what you put back in.

Some are content to drift.
Others are happier to swim.
Your choice. :slight_smile:

Well… First of all, I know it’s going to make people think. Because in all honesty, there is alot of people out there that don’t know what their major purpose in life is. If you even press people for an answer, some will say FAME, some will say MONEY. But I need specifics :wink:

In all seriousness, its for a assignment I’m conducting.


Help me understand this, this is what I am interrupting this sentence of yours as.

In other words, you are saying we as human begins are reactive and are made to be acted upon? We are drifted with whats happening with outside forces, our life is based on feelings, circumstances on and conditions?

Instead of being proactive and having the ability - to take responsibility and to choose our response…? Our life is based on decisions, on values, a purpose.

I mean, whats the purpose of you joining this forum? Am I misunderstanding something? If we are drifting with what is happening with us, that basically means we have no control… We don’t have a purpose of why we are doing what we are doing now. We rely on, eg - other people and circumstances. We have no TRUE desire of our own.

hence the ultimate question… What is your major purpose in life?