tmobile s4 4.3 update user experience

I know other carriers had problems with the 4.3 update but some tmobile use4s have reported higher ram usage, apps crashing all the time, wifi and cellular issues.

Has anyone had any issues with the tmobile s4 4.3 update?

Also I’ve heard some people’s update got corrupted during the download. Is there a way to prevent this?

Is it better to update via kies or ota?

Is there a way to go back to stock without loosing all your photos, apps and app settings, phone settings?

What’s the best way to backup your phone?

I would like to be able to update without consequences and if problems arise then revert back as if I never updated to 4.3

A no-wipe rom is needed to not lose your data during an update (such as what you should see with ota). I have not used Kies, so cannot comment on it, except to say there are those who prefer not to use it.

It is advisable to do a Nandroid prior to installing any update/Mods, as restoring this is the only way to go backwards from an install.
if you prefer not to backup from Recovery, there is an app, Obackup found on the Play Store, which will do a Nandroid without booting into recovery. (the developers, ESD, etc., can be found on XDA Forums).
I think Root is required for this backup app.
I use a custom recovery (and rom) myself, and keep backups current prior to any FW update.

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