TLS FTP Server setup for Comodo Firewall

Hi all,

For the life of me I can’t figure out whats wrong.
Here is my story, I have just upgraded from windows 7 to windows 10, BOTH Windows Defender and Firewall have been disabled as I have CIS.
So now I go about re-installing my TLS server, and opening the ports.
I “think” I have done it the same as per Windows 7, BUT obviously I have not as if I disable Comodo firewall using can connect fine, if I enable Comodo firewall it gets a timeout connecting.

This is a single machine being connects to via Dynamic DNS (which is the other change).

Does anyone have any thoughts?


What does your global and application rules look like for the firewall? Just make sure the port you want to open up has an allow rule that is above any block rules under the global rules section, and do the same for the application rule applied to the application that listens on that port.

Hi, for global rules it has allow 990 and 50000-51000 and that is above the block rule.
For the server exe itself it has allow all incoming and outgoing.
The router is setup to port forward those above ports (and it is forwarding then otherwise when I disable the firewall it would also fail)

Use nmap online and select custom scan, then delete -F and replace with -p 990 so it should look like this -p 990 -T5 -Pn -sS your ip address press scan and wait for the scan to complete. If the results show a line like this: 990/tcp open ftps then its open, if it says filtered then something is blocking the connection.

Thanks mate, It was coming up as filtered but I figured it out.
Under the Application rules for the FTP software it had the treat as Custom Ruleset, and under that it had allow TCP or UDP in/out From MAC any To MAC any where source port is ANY and Destination Port is ANY.
For whatever reason that was not working as I would have expected, setting it to an Allowed Application ruleset fixed the issue.