Tired of baby sitting with D+..... move up to Safe Mode?

I am using the default settings with the firewall and d+. My biggest issue is with Avira PE anti-virus. I have it setup to check for updates every 2hrs. Avira updates quite often and I am always having to deal with the pending files on a daily basis. I was thinking of moving the ticker up to Safe Mode with D+. Is it more dangerous or more secure to do that? I assume pending files will go away in that mode. I do not mind leaving it in Clean PC Mode. But only if there is a way to deal with these pending files daily. It is very annoying.

Setting D+ to Safe Mode is the recommended setting for the best security. Safe Mode does not use My Pending Files.

See here for more information:


Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hey Korn,

It`s a while since i used Avira/Clean pc mode,what happens if you give the Avira updater in Computer Security Policy the pre-defined policy “Installer or Updater”?


I went back to Clean PC mode. Safe Mode was a little to confusing for me with the pop ups. I had a question with Avira when the updater pops up. Since it is considered a installer/updater. Do I just keep clicking on ok for the pop ups? Because several will be coming up. Or on the first pop up. Do I select treat this application as installer/updater? Or do I select it as a trusted application?

On the first pop-up select treat this application as “Installer/updater” and have “Remember my answer” ticked.
Defence plus will now give “…Avira\updater.exe”(i think its that) that policy in Computer Security Policy.

Sounds good. I made a mistake of selecting the wrong thing. How do I remove the setting for the pop up will come up again and I can select the right thing to do? Or maybe I can just delete it for D+ and then add it manually?

Defense+ → Advanced → Computer Security Policy. Locate the policy for the Avira updater, edit the policy to use the predefined installer/updater policy.

Got it. Thanks guys! :-TU