Tips for installing CIS 5.9 for the first time

Hi, I am wondering if anyone has any tips for installing CIS 5.9 for the first time, I have got NIS 2012 right now and I am going to be changing to CIS.

I think you would be fine with the default install. The only thing I would suggest over that, would be to select Proactive Security instead of the default Internet Security setting.

Thanks for the tip.

Be sure to read the install screen carefully. There is a Customize Install link underneath the Install button. It gets overlooked often.

I know about that, I watched some of Languy99’s videos of CIS.

You should be good-to-go then. You can tweak CIS to your liking as you get more familiar with the program. Feel free to come here and get help anytime.

Thanks for the support

Ok then I am going to download the Norton removal tool to uninstall NIS 2012.

Ok I am now going to remove NIS and restart my computer

I am restarting my computer now to complete the uninstall of NIS.

CIS 5.9 is installing, I will restart when it asks me to. I have customised the installer to my liking.

It seems to be stuck at 67% while installing.

CIS has installed!

It probably took a while because of the database signature. The file is about 80mb and unpacked it is about 114mb.

Remember, be patient. Read the warning prompts carefully until you are used to them. CIS isn’t too complicated if you read through the Help file. It differs from Norton, but you will pick up on it in short time. Enjoy!

Thanks again, CIS is initializing but it is taking a while, I have restarted

I think it’s doing an initial scan. It might take a few minutes to complete.

My advice can be found here.

Please let me know what you think.

it still has not initialized, i have run a diagnostic and it found problems it cannot fix.

It has now installed correctly, it is just updating the virus database.

CIS is working perfectly, thanks for your help, it is much appreciated.