Tips also Tricks For a Fat Guy


A Fat Guy Working From Home 24hrs coz i have to maintain website and forum and i dont have the time to gym or jogging and loose weight.

A alternative way to loose weight
Tips and Tricks From you ppl .


I would say jogging would be best way, else try eating more fruits and vegetables, and less fat and carbohydrate as it produces into fat if you don’t use it, that’s all tips I can give I guess, and maybe walk to job instead if you’re using your car, good luck with loosing some weight :wink:


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Hi kidcorpse

Hope this advice helps you.

Right firstly there is no magic cure or fix to a rapid weight loss other than a good diet and exercise, trust me i know this.(DO NOT TRY THESE WEIGHT LOSS TABLETS, AS THE ONLY THING YOU WILL LOSE IS THE CASH THAT WAS ONCE IN YOUR WALLET)

You said that due to your work commitments u basicly have no time to exercise, there is the option to exercise from home!right beside ur pc?

Basicly the best approach to losing weight is to exercise mainly on the cardio side.(although u can still use resistance weights, as it is easier to burn fat from lean muscle) You will have to exercise at least 30 mins per day 3 times per week to gain significant benifits.


  1. Warm up its a must…3 mins light exercise(eg walking)
  2. Stretch off those warm muscles…these are generally upright streaches for most muscles,10-15 secs for each muscle stretch
  3. 30 mins of cardio workout (rowing machines are good for a all over workout)
  4. During the 30 mins u should b increasing the intensity and load of the exercise, either faster or adding more resistance to the machine…see comment below.
  5. Cooldown…a must, too many people do there workout and STOP with no cooldown(bad idea)
  6. Stretch…these stretches mainly done on the floor and held for 30 seconds.

Note…30 mins of cardio workout should be in the fat burning zone(generally between 65 an 80% of the max heart rate.

Max Heart Rate…easiest way to figure this out is , 220 - Age = max heart rate

Ok so u might say i can’t afford to pay for a rowing machine, well many of these companys will supply u with a free trail basis. So just work your way through them. ;D

Diet…hmmmm basicly in the last post by ragwing less is more is the best approach, carbs and sugars will be stored on the body if they aren’t used up.Dont give up your fav treat just cut down on them.

My best advice is to hire a personal trainer for a session or two and get him/her to devise you a programme then work from that for a few monthsthen back to the trainer and so on.

Hope this helps

Novie(retired personal trainer) (:TNG)