Tip to Avira users.

“So, save your money and keep your comrade SAFE!”

I just feel the need to point out that Avira is German, and should not be called comrade probably.

I’m not sure what the Germans called their friends, … or brothers in arms, but it was the Soviets, the Russians which referred/refer to each other as comrade.

all these people saying the HTTP scanning doesn’t slow their browsing down, are you using dial up internet service?

I tried Avast! and it’s HTTP “scanner” or server, whatever it was, slowed the hell out of my browsing. It was terrible. I’m on AOL dial up, which is already painfully slow, and Avast! slowed it down about 5x more.

Hi Info-sec

I’m glad to report that last night I tested both NOD32 and Avira Antivir 8 free working side by side on my virtual XP SP2 operating system. The results are the same as the previous tests I conducted with Avast, Avira and avg. No system slowdown, no conflict, no CPU spikes, nothing. And I surfed heavily while burning, downloading, watching a DVD movie all at the same time, for about four hours, my computer worked smoothly.

At a time I went to a website where a malicious script was about to load Avira caught it while giving me the choices to block, ignore and let it run and while I was making my choice NOD32 blocked it automatically. I eventually made my choice with Avira and block it. Even then, there was still no conflict. Tonight I will test to see how NOD32 behaves with Avast and AVG.

Currently my license with NOD32 will expire later this year and I will ditch NOD32 for a combo of probably Avast and Avira 8 free with Threatfire thrown into the mix. With Comodo firewall beside me I shall not fear. What got me started on this is when I installed Threatfire for the first time I realized that windows identified it as an antivirus while NOD32 while also running. Whether it is through behavior or antivirus definitions these two security software are monitoring the same system. Then I ask myself that question: what would happen if I install another definition based antivirus with NOD32 minus Threatfire? To me the results thusfar have very encouraging.

Later this week-end I’ll download a free trial of Kaspersky anti-virus and test how it works with Avast 4.8 free, since this is the same combination that Gdata adopted. Right now my heart goes to a combo of Avast and Avira 8 free. Also here is a food for thought Avira 8 free lacks spyware protection, Avg 8 free lacks rootkit protection, therefore if someone likes these two software that person can still combine them on the same system working side by side and be fully protected.

There is NO advantage in running 2 av’s. If there was then everybody would do it.

There is. ;D Better virus detection. But it’s not worth it for the sake of resourses. Jaki - 2 AV’s, the best firewall and ThreatFire ? One word - Virus Phobia ;D (oh that was two ;D) You don’t need ThreatFire if you have CFP 3, and you need only ONE antivirus - pick one you like the most and your good to go with this set up. Don’t be like Ganda or the people from Wilders that Vett was writing about. :smiley:

Don’t be so PARANOID :slight_smile:

At a time I went to a website where a malicious script was about to load Avira caught it while giving me the choices to block, ignore and let it run and while I was making my choice NOD32 blocked it automatically. I eventually made my choice with Avira and block it. Even then, there was still no conflict. Tonight I will test to see how NOD32 behaves with Avast and AVG.
This makes NO sence. Why should you use diferrent real-time antivirusses at the same time + a behevior scanner. It's just a waste of recources. You now what could make you even safer : Sandbox your whole C drive. Perhaps that makes feel you safe. BTW : you're using (mainly) antivirusses. No antispyware : why not running Webroot and Spyware doctor + Malwarebytes antimalware + BoClean. I bet that would be better. 88)

No offence, really no, but I just can’t understand you using several antivirusses at one time. It makes no sence. Just use Comodo Firewall Pro + Antivir (that would keep you 99,8%) safe, even then you could just use BoClean for more (~99,9%) safety.


p.s. visit wilders : you really belong there

Thank you Commodus. He must be a Wilders member. Avira is the #1 av. Comodo is the #1 firewall. Use them both and you will be fine. Common sense comes into play also. Never 1 infection in over 5 years now.

Hi Vettetech

I respect your opinion but I have to disagree with you. I think there are advantages. Right now there is a whole market for it. Where have you been? Do Gdata, Trustport, F-Secure ring a bell? Except for Gdata which is a resource guzzler I have tried free full trial of Trustport and F-Secure on my computer and there was no system slowdown and no conflict even though Trustport was running 4 different antivirus programs two among them were Dr. Web and Norman, and I do not have that much of a fast computer.

The point I’m making is more protection, without sacrificing your computer resources and speed. That is all.

Actually Vettech I’m not a wilders member, at least not yet.

Ok show me proof. I want charts. I want comparisons. I want to see better detection rates using 2 av’s. AV Comparatives has G data on top followed by Avira. There is no proof to your statement except paranoia. I have never been infected and I use 1 av and 1 firewall. I surf and download everything. Stick to the topic of Avira till I can see charts. Blah,Blah,Blah.

Hi Vettetech

The same can be asked of you as well. Where are your charts, and graphs? The only thing you have been saying is that you have not been infected for about 5 years, that just your own personal choice. If that worked for you, fine. I have just started to experiment with the concept of two anti-virus programs running side by side. And my personal opinion, just like you had one, is so far I have not experienced any slowdown or anything else adversely affecting my computer. It is just my opinion, just like yours without any graphs and charts.

I dont need charts if you merely do research yourself. There are plenty of tests out there from different sites. Here is one. Its public knowledge that Avira is the top choice and has been for along time along with NOD32 and KAV. Stand alone I might add.


Look here.


For me, at least, it isn’t this strategies effectiveness or resource usage that concerns me, it’s the question of stability & also the subsequent security risks that introduces.

But, Vettetech is right this is !ot! for this topic. Jaki: Create new topic on this. And, Gentlemen, play nice please. :slight_smile:

Look here right in the forum. Self explanatory.


Sorry Kail I am done just making a point of my proof.

No problem. Now, get a grip… you’re spamming. :wink:

edit: Plus if Jaki starts a new topic, you’ll have to enter it all again… I’m not moving it. ;D

Your proof, really. Did you did reach your own conclusion by conducting your own experiments. Your proof ??? By the way I was not bashing Avira nor NOD32 or any other software. I was not also discouraging anyone from using one anti-virus software. Beside that is the way science moves along in general by experimenting. I was only making Info-tech point that one can use two antivirus programs without sacrificing resources and speed. You disagree with me, that is fine, we are all living in a democracy. But do not pass some other organizations researches and conclusions as yours. Please. This is my last post on that subject.

I’m sorry mods but I need to go further on this. (:NRD)
Now did you look at the comparatives Jaki? You see that no one beats Antivir (Except one but I will come later back on this) now if you combine this with the full power of Comodo Firewall Pro you get a 99,9 % virusfree computer. Done, oké :).

Now back to the other one : you see that the only antivir beating Antivir is Trustport : This one exist out of 4 antivirusses hogging down you pc and you only get a gain of 0,2% ! I’m not taking that for any gain.

I’m just saying this that it is worthless using several on-acces scanners at the same time. I would just use them as on-demand if I was you.


EDIT : To get back on topic : use expert mode and do a rootkit scan (useless info I know, just to get back on topic ;))

Am I going to have to use my “Smite Testing Group User” button?

Take it to another topic… any of you create it. Out!

Thank you experience. Not sure if I posted this already but a good tip is to change your Avira updater schedule to every 2 hours and also change it to silent mode.