Tip to Avira users.

On my vista I am test driving Avira free. I noticed Avira dosnt scan HTTP traffic, instead it scans files downloaded. This concerned me because i’d like the virus to be blocked on the web page level, not the file system level. To add my own web module, I installed the free version of Avast! with web protection ONLY. Might I say they work quite well together, avast scans web traffic, then avira scans the downloaded files. Its my own two engine antivirus, and I reccomend it for anyone looking for more protection with their avira.

I do not recommend this.

Come on Luketan,you`ve gotta say more than that,give us some reasons why this is a bad idea.

I use Avira and realise HTTP traffic being scanned can slow your browsing,i also know using 2 AVs isnt such a good idea,but i can see where Iinfo-sec is coming from.

:■■■■ Matty

I havn’t noticed a slowing of browsing, and since I only installed the web guard, there is no confliction because two file scanners aren’t running. I can also recall PC MAG saying avira works well with other security software, and it really does.

I am using Avira Premium along side Comodo 3.0 and loving it. I was using NOD32 3.0 with web shield active and it never slowed my pc down. But after seeing so many reports and test where Avira is #1 or #2 I switched. Even though Avira doesn’t have a web shield its still probably the best AV out there. An Avira modder told me to select all files under scanner and guard.

Im sticking with NOD32, because those tests really don’t matter as much as people make you think. Technically dont need an antivirus so go figure.

NOD32 was also locking up my games at times. Avira runs alot lighter. Have you checked out the new AV Comparitives test for February 2008?

Odd. Nod32 has never locked up my games. Yes I have, but I dont pay much attention to those, because those are controlled tests, from users nod32 has a great rep. I also recommend it because its fast and accurate.

Hi Info-Sec

I’m experimenting with two antivirus programs on a virtual windows operating system (XP SP2): 1) Avast and Avira 2) Avast and AVG.

I conducted the test last night for a few hours without disabling anything. And I’m glad to report that everything went fine. No system slowdown, no conflict whatsoever; however, I will need to do more tests though for a longer period of time. There are antivrus programs that do not get along with other programs such as Bitdefender and Norton. But if you get the right combo then you good to go.

One might say this is crazy, I would not recommend it; nonetheless, Gdata, Trustport, F-Secure etc… have all done it. For example if you running Gdata you are actually running both Kaspersky 6.0 and Avast (probably 4.7) side by side with some slowdown but without any conflict. Tonight I’ll test NOD32 and Avira.

Today (and always) antivirus vendors shoud concentrate on best protection with lowest resourse usage. What I miss in a lot of professional antivirus and securtiy suite reviews is the lack of their resourse usage. I don’t care if G-Data can protect me from 99 % of malware if it uses 80 + MB RAM. I’ll better go for something that has 97-98 rating, but with 20 - 30 MB RAM drain. :slight_smile:

Ofcourse CPU usage is also important. Sudden CPU spikes are the pain in the a…s ;D

Ah, very good. I am actually using the newest avast, and the newest avira together, yes two web guards. Again, no slowing of browsing, and better yet, no conflicts! I am quite pleased with this set up as it provides superb protection.

Hi Commodus

I agree with you with respect to CPU usage and system resources; and that is why I said once you find the right combo you good to go. Currently, I’m leaning in a direction to say that Avast and Avira or Avira and AVG worked well together during my tests, no CPU spikes, no drain on system resources and more importantly no conflict. I know this because avast, avira and avg are all low on CPU usage, eset NOD32 is as well.

My goal in the end, after I conclude my tests, is to find a combination of anti virus programs that work well for me, and maybe such a combo might work well for someone else as well.

Good luck Jaki. I hope you’ll find your combination. :slight_smile: But I think that one tray icon of a good antivirus product is enough. The brains and surfing habbits are just as important ;D

Well looking forward for CAVS 3 and bug free Comodo Firewall ;D

Why in in the world would you run multiple av’s. Thats absurd. Avira Premium 8 and Comodo is all I need.

Sorry if this is already said but i didn’t even try to read first post till end, I have just one (khm 4) question:
Where are those files scanned on the “web page level”? On the moon? Ether maybe?
Maybe when files should be disinfected or deleted, your “web page level” scanner disinfect files on remote server? :THNK c’mon

I prefer my viruses scanned at the real location, that’s where it’s at.
That’s why I DO prefer Avira FREE and that’s why I will continue to recommend it forever, as it seems.

I don’t like pseudoproxies made up by pretentious software programmers.

It’s only the “real thing” you should take care about.

Avira Free catches them all. No need for the paid version. And, surely no need for gdata double scanners at this moment, they once were (more) great.


And, NO, neither eset NOD nor AVG free nor avast! are playing in the same league as AVIRA free, at this very moment.

So, save your money and keep your comrade SAFE!

Cheers again…

And Kaspersky is a ruling King as many say so ;D

King with one testacle?

And, where’s KAV free then?

KAV, just as NOD32 (even if German like Avira) are failing at this very moment in history.)

Don’t forget that.


There was KAV free. It was AOL Active Virus Shield. And KAV is much more efective at removing malware.
And I’m not saying that Avira’s bad. It’s very good. I installed it on my sisters not very powerfull laptop and it’s working great. :slight_smile: No complains since then. Runs smoothly. Detects stuff. (It’s a premium version, whitch I got when Avira was giving away free licenses - Kudos for them for that ;D)

P.S. The upcoming version of Kaspersky - Version 8 (2009) will be much better than v7. :slight_smile:

It is said many times on this forum, if someone uses KAV web antivirus which check http protocol, that someone should remove Comodo FW part, it doesn’t need it at all.