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I have had the same timestamp now for 3 days. I tried to remove Boc and install again and I have downloaded the update manually but still the same, timestamp is 2007-10-15 13.54.21. What to do, it did work before and I have no problems downloading


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Sorry you seem to have a problem, let’s see what we can do to solve it.
When you say you’ve manually updated, are you saying you used the “Check for update button” in the CBO gui?

bibbe, are you running as a “limited user” when you are trying to update BOC? if so, that might be the reason BOC is not updating… if you are running as a “limited user”, you need to adjust the “folder and file permissions” for the folder that the BOC updates are downloaded to… normally, that is the “BOC425” folder at “C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\BOC425”… for the “BOC425” folder, adjust the permissions for “users”, enabling “modify” and “write”…

updating BOC from within a “limited user account” is discussed in “BOClean support”… here is the link for it:


on the “BOClean Support” webpage, scroll down to “cannot get BOClean to update on ‘limited user accounts’”…

to cat and redwolfe 98, thankyou for your answers. To cat, when I said I did it manually I meant that I used the ftp and downloaded the file and replaced the old one in boc 425. I am running the swedish version of vista premium on my 1 month old computer, running as an administrator and for 4 weeks Boclean 425 have been running like it should but now the timestamp remains on 2007-10-15 13:54:21 no matter what I do.When I check for updates and a new one is there, BOC will tell me so and update and the screen will flicker for a second just like it used to do but timestamp remains the same. I have removed BOC 4 times and installed again but it just doesn´t work. When I look in boc425 there are 2 files, boc425.old and boc425xvu, the sice of the last one is 715 kB (732 898 byte)


bibe, when you are updating BOC, are you updating it manually by rightclicking on the BOC icon in the systram and then clicking “check for update” in the menu, there?

or, are you somehow downloading the malware-databases in some other way and then pasting them in the BOC folder?

maybe you can explain exactly what you do to “update” BOC…

if you are updating BOC by running BOC’s updater, one way or another, and you are not seeing that you have the latest malware-databases, try this… rightclick on the BOC icon in the systray, then, in the menu that pops up, click “reload/test update”…

“bibe, when you are updating BOC, are you updating it manually by rightclicking on the BOC icon in the systram and then clicking “check for update” in the menu, there?”

Yes that is how I do it, but I have tried the other two ways too and I still get the same timestamp. I just cecently removed Boclean restarted windows, used regsupreme to clean and downloaded a new file to install. Timestamp still the same. I just hope Boclean is still working even thuogh timestamp is wrong. I do get the updates.


Have you tried clicking the “Reload/test update” button?



bibbe, just to ask again, are you running as a “limited user”, and, if so, did you adjust the BOC425 folder’s “permissions”, allowing “modify” and “write”, for “users”? the BOC425 folder where the malware-databases are downloaded to is located at:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\BOC425

which windows operating system are you using? are you running win xp sp2?

Hello Redwolfe, as I wrote earlier I am running a swedish version of vista premium as an administrator and I have been using BOC for years on another comp, but this new computer I only had for a month but the first 4 weeks I had no problems with timestamp and I cant understand what happened the fifteens, thats the date I got now no matter how many times I remove and instal BOC . This is where Boc425 installs on my comp and has beeb all the time (C:\PROGRAMDATA\BOC425\BOC425.XVU)


Did you read and follow the installation instruction for Vista?
Also, is it possible your .xvu file is corrupted?
BOClean database is corrupted

Yes and yes I did


Hmm, what other security applications do you have running?

NIS 2008, but as I said, BOC was fine for 4 weeks !


Well, right… but that doesn’t mean something didn’t happen with either the configuration or program.
I’ve seen Norton updates that corrupted or changed settings before.
If you’re not behind a router first unplug your network cable and then try disabling all of Norton NIS (is that possible?) and see if that makes a difference?
If not then try uninstalling it temporarily to see if it’s in some way interfering with CBO.

From where does BOC get this date 2007-10-15 13:54:21, I can´t find anymore XVU files than the one there should be


From the .xvu file.
You should have more than one in your C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\BOC425
One will be renamed “.old” for roll back.

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Cat, as you can see from the attached jpg I have the xvu file in another folder (swedish vista) and even when I remove the xvu file BOC comes up with same timestamp and will make a list of covered trojans when asked to. I remowed the xvu and the old file and downloaded a new xvu from the ftp site and it is still the same


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I’m not running Vista so I’m unsure of it’s file placement…
May I ask why you have disabled auto updates?

I just want to know when updates are happening. Well, thankyou for giving me your time, I guess I better remove BOC, it´s sad because I have used it for 6 years, but I don´t want to have problems with my secureti