time of update

:frowning: When does comodo update the definitions /programs of av after connecting to the internet ?
I found that an incoming message was scanned on 20th with definitions of 17th as , in between , i was out of station. ???
I feel once an internet connection is established (most of us are still not 24 hrs connected to the internet) the av should update itself on priority basis before mails etc are downloaded. Unless this is the case , what is the point of checking mails without updated antivirus ? >:

Automatic updater checks/dowloads the latest updates within MAXIMUM 15 minutes, when you are connected to internet.

I´ve watched the virus list (reports), and since 3 or 4 days, it has added no more than like 5 or 6 viruses…
Do you recommend to wait for a next release of CAV, or is it safe to use the first version?

I’ve been using the first version fine. If you are worried though, you can always use a non resident scanner (e.g. BitDefender or AVG (with resident disabled) etc) alongside CAV to scan on demand until CAV has all the signatures required - which I think is going to take a few weeks to a few months.


I’d like to add to what mike said. I have bitdefender 8 installed along with cav, it seems that if you don’t disable cav’s
real time during a bd scan the scanning process takes a really long time.

Do this mean that CAV does an automatic check for updates everytime it’s started? And it then checks at whatever interval the user nominates under SETTINGS? If so, great idea. If not, why not?

ewen :slight_smile:

Today I have found out that the av did update in about 15 minutes AFTER connecting to the internet.
My point was it should update IMMEDIATELY AFTER CONNECTING on priority basis . 15 minutes is too long a time.
There should be something in the program like other av which should trigger the update process immediately on connecting to the internet.