Time Machine will not install

I get an error that says “Time machine cannot initialize opertating system information”.

What does this mean?
My system is brand new with Windows 7 x64. 6 gigs ddr3 ram, 2 SSD drives and 1 HD totaling over 1 gig of storage.
i’m using the latest version, i tried several times.

great help here. i’ll just use something else. way to promote a software brand. word of mouth can be a powerful thing. ■■■■■ software, no support. got it.

Please remember, Time Machine is beta software. It is also not currently in active development.

The support through these forums is largely provided by the community. As such, if nobody knows the answer to your question, you will likely get no response.

I think this should be very clearly said in all Comodo download pages and, if possible, in third party sites. It’s not a good thing to keep it available in this situation. My personal opinion (but I’m sure a lot of other users have the same).

I think the CTM should be update , maybe you can try yu gu tian qing ,which is designed by china

Such software can not support the SSD。Maybe you can try EAZ-FIX、Rollback rx、雨过天晴(http://www.njanyue.com;http://www.ygtq.net/)、Wondershare Time shuttle、Qitu(www.qitu8.com).
They are very similar.

What’s new in CTM 2.9 BETA?
FIXED! Installation fails with error “COMODO Time Machine can not initialize operating system information”.