Time Machine vs Backup

Hi there,

I’m currently on the lookout for a reasonable backup and data security strategy for my personal notebook. After long searching I now found the Comodo products quite interesting.
What I’m wondering is if it makes sense to run both Comodo Backup and Time Machine simultaneously? I’m currently only running Comodo Backup. I created a full disk image of my C:\ drive and MBR and intend to create a new image on a monthly basis. I also created some scheduled backup of specific files and folders (mail, documents, etc) which are backed up daily. All is stored on an external HDD.
Does it make sense to additonally run Time Machine to create snapshots? Or should I use Time Machine rather than creating daily backups of my files and folders with Backup?
In essence, I guess what I’m asking is when to use which? :wink:
Would really appreciate your hints on this!


These are very good questions and I think you choosed a right strategy. To make things clear I should remind you about the restrictions of both of these products.

  1. Comodo Backup doesn’t make a bootable media so if your system becomes unbootable you should find a way to bypass the restriction. To make a bootable device with a third party application.
  2. Comodo backup doesn’t support CTM snapshots at the moment. You will have to uninstall CTM to make a backup.
  3. CTM makes it meaningless to use defragmenters. To do this you should uninstall CTM first. Some others restrictions.

Comodo shoud think about these things and decide how to get out of the situation.

  1. make CB compatible with CTM and add a function to make bootable media.
  2. allow CTM to store the snapshot information to a file while making some special operations with the disks. This may be difficult to actualize.
  3. The ideal decision to implement a function for CTM to make a bootable media with snapshot support and incremental updates. Plus defragmenters support… somehow.

Well, this is more of my wishes.