Time Machine Removal

I am trying to remove Time Machine. Remnants include the Comodo screen at startup. Nothing is showing by way of installed software, and uninstallers such as Windows (7, 64 bit) and Revo cannot find it. Could Comodo please tell me where I can find their removal tool. Alternatively, how do I get rid of Time Machine without crashing my system? My thanks in advance.

Uninstall it through Control Panel and then booting will be the safer for your computer and data.
Do NOT use Revo to remove files! You could crash your computer this way in my opinion.
You can boot and uninstall CTM by the console also if the first option fails.

Thanks, Tech. Are your referring to the console screen of CTM at system startup? If so, there are five options, none of them to uninstall or close down CTM. The console screen is all that remains of CTM on my machine, as far as I can tell. I qualify my observation as something must be driving the console screen.

warra, are you saying that the Comodo console does not have the “uninstall” option?

Tech, when the screen comes up, it has five options:

Restore System
Take Snapshot

I’ve had a look in the Uninstall, but it refers to previous snapshots. I’m trying to remove CTM entirely, including the console.

Again, my thanks for your help and interest.

You will have to select one of the snapshots for the uninstall process to complete.

You’ll uninstall CTM and all the snapshots, except one, the one you choose to restore.
It will be the final state of the machine. Generally, you should uninstall to the current snapshot, the last one, i.e., you’ll uninstall CTM and let the machine at the last snapshot.

My thanks, Greg and Tech.

I remain confused by the CTM language on the Uninstall window:

“Select the snapshot you wish to uninstall to (ie restore).”

I do not want to ‘restore’ anything. Rather, I wish to keep my system the way it is, the reason for me seeking further clarification.

I have three snapshots:

  1. Baseline
  2. 2010-05-25
  3. Current system 2010-05-18

Could you please explain the process for removing these - and the CTM console.

Here’s what I do, I take a snapshot just prior to uninstall or resetting the baseline. That snapshot is the one I select to restore to when I do the two mentioned. I’m not a fan of using the Current System as my snapshot for restore prioer to uninstall/reset

The uninstallation has two parts.

  1. Uninstall CTM.
  2. Left the system in the snapshot you choose.

Will uninstall CTM and restore the computer to the state before it was installed.

Will uninstall CTM and let the computer in the 2010-05-25 state.

Will uninstall CTM and let the computer to the current situation (I suppose 2010-06-18).

My thanks, Tech, and to all who have offered help. I’ve now successfully removed CTM, including the console. I was (overly) cautious about fiddling with anything to do with my system (7, 64 bit) and bamboozled by CTM’s use of language and logic. But that’s probably me. You’ve all been most helpful - and patient, especially you, Tech.

You’re welcome. Feel free to come back any time you need help or just to change experiences 8)

I have been trying to uninstall time machine unsuccessfully. I get a message asking me to enter a user name and password. I did not put a user name and password when I installed time machine. I like the program . I was only uninstalling so I could reinstall because it wasn’t working. I cannot even run the setup again, It says the program does not need setup, the only option is to remove. Then the circle starts all over, it still asks for user name and password. Help please

Thank you

Seems there will be an uninstall tool for that.
I’m not sure it applies also for your CTM version.