time machine client service

i came across the fact that ‘comodo time machine client service’ had been running on my system fully two weeks after i had uninstalled ctm using windows’ 'programs and features" function. my bad <!>

pretty much back to normal, tho my mbr is still not contiguous on defrag’s analysis graphic.

needless to say, the service is disabled, but my defrag chart still looks strange.

does anyone have any suggestions on how to get that no longer needed ‘service’ out of my system, i’d be most appreciative.

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Hello emjosefsberg,

services leftover from uninstallations need to be wiped off the registry. Here: Delete

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\ClientService. :slight_smile:

thanx, volume z :slight_smile:

are there any other files [to delete] and/or registry edits i should perform to ensure timeline is completely out of my system ???

i made the mistake of using ‘programs and features’ to uninstall.

during defrag analysis, several fragmented ‘unmovable files’ are reported to be ‘deleted or removed’; a screen cap of the final repoort is attached showing no fragments.

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Please run this uninstaller tool and choose remove the CTM related traces.

thanx for the lead…

unfortunately, this product does not offer to uninstall timeline (many others are listed).

there is a ‘note’ suggesting the use of windows’ uninstall utility, which is in conflict with what i understand about uninstalling timeline.

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The tool warns to use the official uninstaller first. If I understand you correctly you ran the official uninstaller from Time Machine. Is that correct?

unfortunately, no. i used window’s ‘programs and features’, rather than the ‘uninstall’ under \program files\comodo, etc. [i had no idea of the resultant problems. it was quite ugly

i’m pretty satisfied that timeline is out of my system; my only concern is a line of unmoveable files stretching clear across the defrag analysis chart – could there be some artifact from timeline still segregating space for itself?

could there be some artifact from timeline still segregating space for itself?

No, it is not caused by CTM.

Try disabling “Windows Search” and see how it works out.