Time limit between posts (flood protection)

I have noticed that there is currently flood protection enabled on these forums which limits the end-user to posting no more than once every 90 seconds. Sometimes this is a burden on users. I was wondering if it might be possible for the people maintaining these forums to either change the time from 90 seconds to something more like 30, or get more advanced and use something like:

no restrictions until the user exeeds two posts every 90 seconds, then only one post every 90 seconds is allowed?

Well, when it was first implimented the time delay was 300 seconds… so I’m liking 90 :wink:

AJohn: We’ll investigate, but I don’t think the forum sw is that sophisticated. Also, we’d like to keep it at the current timeframe to avoid a repeat of an incident of a, ahem, Dean Kellyish nature. We’re sorry for the inconvenience, but believe it’s a small trade-off for some additional protection.

Would it be safe to assume this also keeps one word replies from flooding the forums by guiding us to not waste room and make a more thoughtful and thorough reply? Or is it in fact just to guard against Dean Kellies of the world? A bit of both? Either way I would say then, it’s a good thing. Being too long winded, I never noticed the delay, lol . ::slight_smile:



Nah, I think this is an evil way of the moderators here to keep the post counts of newcomers here at a low level. ;D

Yours truly,

Ahh, the moderator conspiracy theory, yes, i’ve heard that before. So in fact we have to watch our backs , the moderators will indeed keep track of our posts as well as newbies. I see where this is going! It’s a timed effort as well as controlled. You evil moderators will never get me! Never!

  1. <—I am from now on, under cover.


Too good Paul. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Resetting post count to zero in 10 - 9 - 8 - 7 … :wink:

ewen :slight_smile:

The Moderators here do everything in moderation… with the exception of moderating, of course. :wink:

Shhhh, they will hear you. If they know you're posting, they will know i'm posting and so on, and so on, we'll all be in trouble!  :P


Darn it!! >:( Now i’m busted, so much for hiding. lol. This post will self destruct in 10-9-8


Wait until they see the other topic we’ve messed up. :smiley:

Dragging myself back to the actual topic for a moment…

Assuming the Flood Protection also extends to Personal Messages (PMs), wouldn’t 31 seconds be OK? After all, with an FP of 31 it would take a bot over an hour to send 120 PMs & I’m fairly sure someone would have notice by then… especially, since it probably works through the member list from the 1st member & would probably hit all the Comodo people first. ;D

I don’t know, I have three kids so if I even get 90 seconds on here it’s amazing, lol. Usually I have to stop on each reply and either tell the little one to get off the stairs,out of the garbage, that’s the second cat you’ve eaten this week, , you know, those little things that take up 90 seconds very easily. If not it’s my LEE asking me to do something, (right Ewen? lol :smiley: As I posted before, I never noticed the delay until I read about it, and finally today found myself thougtfully adding an extra sentence or two to my replies and by that time, the 90 seconds were gone. Or I run out for a cigarrette, yes bad habit but with kids I always smoke outside. Have tried the patch etc…no avail. I haven’t had a drink since I was 19, now 35, but still can’t kick the habbit. Drug rehabs have better outcomes with cocaine addicts , heroine, etc…than with smokers, how sad is that? And is documented.
I will one day conquer this habbit… don’t ever start it’s terrible.


Kail, IMHO, the 90 second FP is good. To me, it is the perfect compromise where 90 seconds is just the right amount of time for us to think and type our response while at the same time preventing people like Dean Kelly from exploiting the forum. I used to hate it ( af ew days ago) but thinking back, I think this is the best for everyone.

Yours truly,

I would agree and think the 90 is just fine. If it in fact prevents mass postings and someone’s totem pole from being in my PM , then I have no problem with it. It’s a shame it has to happen but with anything in life, you get those who ruin it for everyone else and either we give up a bit of something to make it better or let it go and suffer having nothing at all.


Ah… But, the 31 seconds wasn’t for me… or you guys. I was thinking of the Admins & Mods. Given what they do, they are much more likely to run into the 90 FP than any of us.

Given the speed I type, I doubt that I will ever break the FP barrier.

90 seconds can be a long time if you are into what you are typing. A fast typer can type a whole lot in 90 seconds. Even 60 would be better and as said earlier, someone would notice before anything got out of hand. One bad post is not much worse than 30.

Well, I type 60 wpm , and I just learn to take my time and read a post by others, etc…Not saying you are completely wrong you understand, there are times where I would love to quickly reply but I understand the WHY of it. See, with the 90 seconds, I can get a cup of coffee or something quicky, pick my nos…uh I wasn’t supposed to say that :wink: Seriously , I just take a moment to read what I wrote and in fact find my mistakes more often then. It is preference per though. In my opinion, I don’t mind but understand if someone else does. HEY!!! WHERE DID THE NEW SMILEYS COME FROM??? Cool! (:CLP)

Thank you Comodo!!