Time in Sandbox

The BB sandboxed a .bat file yesterday morning as untrusted, I sent it to Comodo etc., but it is still in the sandbox. How long does it take for the analysis to take place for the file to be killed or deemed safe? :slight_smile:

Hope everyone had a GREAT Easter !ot!

It can sometimes take a long time (weeks or months). The best option is that if you think it may be malicious submit it through this page. If you believe it is probably safe submit it in this topic.

Just keep in mind that if the .bat is newly created every time it runs, (a common occurrence with some applications) submitting it won’t help because the file will be different the next time it runs.

Thanks Chiron :slight_smile: Wow saying that it’s now gone in to trusted files so all good!

Chrison I’ve been reading your articles, how do you come up with them, they are amazing and I’ve learnt so much from them…?