time for virus database update?

i have just installed comodo internet security premium on my two computers.
the laptop updates very swiftly and unnoticably.
the pc takes over half an hour each day to update and while this is happening the pc is virtually unusable.
any ideas why the different times, and if there is anything i can do (simple) to remedy this?

Can you tell us a bit more about your desktop computer? How old is it? What processor, chipset and how much RAM does it have?

my desktop computer is about 8 years old.

intel pentium 4.c.p.u.
2.93 ghz.
504 mb of ram.
local disc 80 gb.

as you can probably tell, i’m not very expert in things technical.

comodo does update on this computer, as i said. but it takes a long time each day when i start up…

This might be normal, if you tell the computer is about 8 years old…

Maybe you need a upgrade time :slight_smile:

The hardware may be a little bit old, but the AV database update should not take that long at all. Especially the initial update as there is very little need to merge the updates with the database. The initial DB is over 83MB, so the bulk of time is the download. IT may be possible that the bandwidth is the issue, but I think that there is more to the story.

All my experiences about the update process have been negative unfortunately. Even in version 5 I find the merging process very lengthy indeed and my hardware is not that old. On the same computer, software like McAfee (notorious for being resource hungry), Kaspersky, Avast and Nod32 are all more reliable and much faster in applying updates.

thankyou for taking the time to reply.

it is a curious matter.

i was finding avg caused my computers, especially the laptop, to load at the start of session incredibly slowly. that’s why i changed to comodo, and on the laptop the slowness has gone completely - so that must have been due to avg (version 9).
and that machine now loads speedily.
the same can’t be said of the p.c., so i’ll keep an eye on that and if it continues to be slow, change the security on that machine only, perhaps to avast.
but comodo seems to be fine for one out of the two computers.
curious, as i say.

that is funny. its like, “i need to have a dualcore pc, because i want to use an antivirus now… or better a quadcore, because a firewall is not that bad to have it too”. 2.9Ghz should be enough to run good games… and usually it should be enough to run a background application like an antivirus first of all.
when it was said, 700Mhz are needed, i already thought, what is with the lower ones? but, lower than 2.9Ghz? :smiley:

maybe there are rests of avg left… and if you cant solve the problem, try avira free personal edition. it runs fine down to 700Mhz.

you can’t compare single core Pentium 4 running at 2.9 with a dual core 2 running at 2.9

Pentium 4 is a very obsolete technology now but it still must be ok to run your antivirus and firewall. may be try to make a combo with AVIRA free or Avast free and COMODO firewall with D+

many thanks to clockwork, and adonis.

yes, it does seem excessive to have to need a new computer because the antivirus doesn’t work properly.
as for the technology of pentiums (or pentia?) i could easily get lost here.

in any case, comodo runs fine on my laptop, and this morning updated more quickly (but still slowly) on the p.c., so i’m going to wait a couple of days and see if things improve on that.

an odd thing i’ve noticed is that on the laptop times of automatic updates throughout the day are always shown.
on the desktop machine, the time does not always change and i have to go to the antivirus page itself and click on update for the time in the summary window to change.
if that makes sense…
anyway, thanks again.