Time for public beta

The last version 6.2 was a bad experience for me, and isn’t the first time since v6 was out when comodo let me down, every release bring bugs fix but create others in return. I know there isn’t a 100% bug free software, but still public beta tends to significantly reduce bugs. So my wish is simple: Comodo please make Public Beta available!

I voted Yes, btw it says “Now(why?)” is that intentional?

Ok thx for that I correct my topic was a mistype error ;D

+1. Good idea. We really need it.

Well i said yes but i am of the belief a public beta will not reduce the bug issues.
For a public beta to be of any significant use ,every single computer configuration in the world would need to be tested with the beta release.

Even if 6.2 had gone public beta there would still be bug issues because new configurations and computers are being created daily and globally.

What we seem to be forgetting is that a significant amount of comodo users have not experienced any issues at all.

Thank You.

Thank you for your note, and yes this is true, but still, public beta will reduce some bugs from the beginning(not all, but will be less)


Thank you

I respect your decision. Regarding the question: What isn’t clear? Like 6.0, when first was pre-beta(internal), then the official beta(why not for release 6.0, 6.1, 6.1.x, 6.2.x etc… )Of course every stage of beta, first has pre-beta(internal), then beta 1(public version), 2, 3,…, RC1,…, Final, like others have i.e. avast, kaspersky, norton any many more. So I hope this bring light in to the problem.
As for download link, we will have the link in beta area, not on official site.

Yes, like the idea :-TU
We used to have betas before for forum members if i recall.
Must confess have never really had any ‘major issues’ with any version (touch wood) :slight_smile:

it is very much necessary to do a public beta so that each and everyone can use the antivirus and can rectify the bugs before the final version and if comodo does not do the public beta then every time they will release their antivirus we will get many bugs no matter how good their detection rate is. for example now cis has 6.2 version which has also minor bugs i can understand that no one is perfect in this world but we need to try to improve. :a0

@S.sarkar & NSG001
Thank you.

Yes that’s true.

Thank you

Yes, in principle. But I fear that a truly public beta may generate a mass of false-bugs that may clog up the developers and potentially mask really serious bugs.

My reason for saying this is that the Help section of the CIS forum often contains (quite angry) posts from users claiming that CIS has killed their OS, destroyed all their data, and is also probably the cause of their hens not laying! Seriously, it does seem to me that a number of people have problems with CIS simply because they either don’t maintain their system properly or because they don’t fully understand what they are doing with a product as wide-ranging and complex as CIS.

I fear that the “bugs” reported by inexperienced users would render the value of the beta worthless. The developers would have to check every one just in case it was genuine and that would divert significant effort from the real bugs.

So I’d support a more wide-ranging beta, but limited to users that Comodo know to be reliable and who will report real bugs and not the results of “user error”.

Yes this is also true, but let’s not forget if this would be a true problem then other company on the market would not make public beta anymore. Beta is a stage that you will try it only if you want to help tracking down the bugs. And let’s face it, only bugs that can be reproduced will be fixed, so really this isn’t the case.

Very well said.

Us mods do get early releases that get tested and bugs get reported. there is also the star group which is doing a great job at finding bugs and vulnerabilities.

I also agree with wasgij6, this is well said. :-TU

I can see for and against for public betas, but to be honest the more serious bugs stand out better if the bug system is not clogged.
The Star Group are indeed doing a great job and may very well grow larger over time.