Time for me to leave the forum

There are a couple of reasons for me to leave this forum.

Firstly, I joined Comodo as it was starting to provide SSL certificates in the early 2000s.
Support was just me, I took over from the marketing man who was multitasking.
At the point I left Comodo 10 years ago I had eventually grown support into a 24/7/365 entity on 3 continents.
It was also 10 years ago that people who had been with Comodo for 5 years and more were given shares (by Melih) for when the company floated…as a thank you for getting the company through the hard unprofitable times into good stable profitable times.
Over these last 10 years I’m sure there were points when the company could have gone public, but the recent sale of the CA business just buried it for good.
Melih obviously profited, but not the people who made Comodo one of the top CA businesses.
That I think is a shame, but nothing new.

Secondly, there are very few issues nowadays on this forum regarding certificate related issues.

Garry Bickerton

Sorry to see you go, Garry. :slight_smile:

Ditto. And thank you for your contributions here.

:-\ :frowning: :embarassed:

I hope that there is a chance that you may eventually come back ?!

Anyway, all the best for you !!!

Sorry to see you go Garry but I can understand your motivation. Thank you so much for helping people with certificates here at the forums. You’ve been an amazing and very supportive one man band there.

I wish you all the best. :slight_smile: