Time Exceeded Requests and Utorrent

Whenever I use Utorrent, I get numerous logs for Windows Operating System of incoming ICMP Time Exceeded requests being blocked. I’ve had Utorrent running for about a half hour at the moment and I’ve gotten 21 logs so far.

Under Global Rules, there is a rule to allow all incoming ICMP Time Exceeded requests so shouldn’t that mean that all of those requests should be allowed? I’ve tried adding an allow rule to both Utorrent and System under Application Rules but I’m still getting these logs. Is this a bug?

I’m on Vista 32 and am using CIS 4.0.138377.779.

I assume you are using the default Internet Security Configuration. The rule for uTorrent is most likely under the All Applications rule. Move the uTorrent rule to a place above the All Applications rule. When a program is under the All Applications rule it will follow the rule set by All Applications regardless of the rule you made for uTorrent.

Another solution is to remove the All Application rule. That is the same as putting CIS in Proactive Mode.

I had the Utorrent rule above the All Applications already so that wasn’t it. I deleted the All Applications rule though and that seems to have fixed it. Thanks.