Time-based firewall rule

Add an option that only allows a program to access the internet during a certain set time period. Example: Only allow “Firefox” internet access on “Monday-Sunday, 4:00pm-6:00pm” otherwise block internet access.

I am unsure about this. Routers often provide this in a non-app specific way. Restricting at the app level if so easy to bypass by say another browser…

I have a slow internet connection. I would like to restrict programs from auto-updating during the day, but allow them to access the internet during the night.

I understand but this would be an unusual function for a security program. Better to reschedule the updaters or they may hang and (worst case) cause system stability issues?

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Can optionally use a PeerBlock.
It seems there is such a function.
Edit: It seems that there can be enabled and only block an IP.
Need to know the IP.
I think it is not a good idea to use PeerBlock. :-\

Mouse has a point; for instance Windows Update can be reconfigured to update at certain intervals. Even CIS can be configured, for instance, you can set it to update every 12th hour.

A temporary solution would be to check if the application in use have sort of “timer” that can be configured.

If I set Comodo to block a program(s) from accessing the internet, the program does not hang or crash. Some programs do not have an option to update at a specified time. “Filseclab Personal Firewall” has time based blocking.