tighten svchost?

Hi all was just wondering if any can help me limit the svchost to just time/dns. i have added 3 rules for svchost in application rules.

Time: Action: Allow Protocol: UDP Direction: Out Destination: time.windows.com Destination Port: 123

DNS: Action: Allow Protocol: UDP Direction: Out Destination Port: 53

Action: Block Protocol: IP Direction: In/Out

i aint sure if i need to add port 53 as im using a dns service im just trying to block everything from svchost except time/dns.


Hi Parker86,

I think this topic will answer your questions : https://forums.comodo.com/firewall-help-cis/minimum-application-rules-for-connecting-to-the-internet-t74069.0.html;msg527949#msg527949

Sorry for such a late replie been busy. Thanks alot that thread helped alot :-TU just to be sure tho, i added svchost to application rules and added the rule for DNS, added the dns ips and udp 53 and also windows time and also the block rule. I was not sure what to put in the destination address so i put it to host name and added time.windows.com is this correct? ??? and also if i do set my own rules for svchost is there any global rules i would have to add/remove as i dont use file and printer shareing and also dont use PnP, DHCP, thanks.

Also are these blocked connections normal?