Thunderbird woes…

I’m having some trouble with Thunderbird and it’s something that I did I’m sure. When I’m at home using my WAN, Thunderbird will not log into the server. When I’m at work on a LAN or if I’m at a public WiFi HotSpot there is no trouble. I don’t know what I did or didn’t do as far as configuring CFP for my home LAN network so I need some help.

I made Thunderbird a trusted application and have set rules to Pre-Defined Policy under Email Client. Turning off CFP has no affect either. I have also disabled the email guard in Antivr.

Thunderbird version 2.0 configured for Imap gmail
CFP version X.276
Avira Anti-Virus Premium home edition
Vista Premium

What do you mean by being at home and using your WAN? Are you directly connected to the internet instead of through a router? What is the difference between your home settings and those you use at a public WiFI hotspot? I use CFP3 with Vista ultimate, and connect via IMAP to my ISP with no problems at both spots. As long as you have port 993 in your port list at both locations, you should be able to connect also. The last rule for email client should be a “block and log”, so are there any blocks shown in your firewall event log?

I’m sorry…but i meant my home WLAN, not LAN. anyways, simply put. Thunderbird will not access the server when I am at home, and that is what I’m trying to fix. Unfortunately i do not have my Ethernet cable with me so i can not connect directly to my Linksys Router. I will do that tomorrow and see what happens.

EDIT: Problem solved. the problem was my DSL modem. I had the firewall setting on “High”. After I configured the modem to “Low” Thunderbird now works