Thunderbird Email Client [RESOLVED]

Hi, does it scan the mail with Thunderbird email client??

thank you for any help



Comodo AV Email scanner works on all email clients. It is independent of email client.

hi all

i got a problem using comodo email scanner with thunderbird
i got 7 mail but i can download mails only from GMail server, other server sais “unable to connect to server”

if i turn off the email scanner i can download mails from all servers.

whats the problem? oO


It seems like my first post in this forum is to be another dreaded “I am experiencing the same problem” post. I am sorry for that.

But the fact is that I am too having problems with Thunderbird and CAVS. The problem seems to be related to whenever I try to pop several accounts located on different email servers. It might work once or twice upon start, but after a while Thunderbird says “Unable to connect to server” or asks me to enter the password for the accounts. If I pop one account at a time, it might (or might not) work. If I turn off CAVS the problem goes away.

I am using Windows XP (all patched up with SP 2), the latest version of Comodo Personal Firewall (I’ve got just one comment - WOW!) and a localised (Swedish) Thunderbird

I hope this information is of any help.

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seems you got my problem… oO
so im not the only one :slight_smile:

Hi dodoalien,

Yes indeed. Nice to know you’re not alone, eh? :wink:
I know that a friend of mine have had similar problems with Outlook 2003 and CAVS as well, but I don’t know more than that he complained about not being able to pop emails when switching to CAVS.

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any one know why comodo email scanner stops my pops?

now it works, i didnt nothing to fix it oO

btw nice :smiley: