Thunderbird backup

I am having trouble again backing up my Thunderbird profile by selecting “mail accounts” in step 1.
My profile is located at which I believe is the correct location:-


My profiles.ini also appear to be as they should be:-



Error log contents:-

Running scheduled backup L:\CB Backups\tester6.cbu
Gathering Information
No content found
Thunderbird - No Content to Back Up
Backup process failed with code 92

Can you advise?

CBU 2.2.127000.12
Vista SP2



It doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with your “profiles.ini” file. Can you give more details about your email accounts setup in Thunderbird?

Thank you.

I have managed to sort it out over the weekend.

There must of been something in my profile folder that CBU did not like. Not sure what, but i found two entries in the mail folder, pop3.(isp name) which contain all mails etc. and pop3.(isp name) which contained nothing. Ii can only assume that it was one of these causing the problem.

To fix this I created a new profile, then copied the important files from my old profile to the new one. See here for Mozilla file list Profile folder - Thunderbird - MozillaZine Knowledge Base

Unfortunately CTM went AWOL afterwards and messed everything up, it was a good job I run weekly backups allowing me to restore my comp.