Thunderbird and Thunderbayes

Hello my friends.
I have Thunderbird
and one very good add-on, namely: Thunder Bayes 1.0.1.
In the options of this big extension there is said:
Port: 8880
Seems to me that this extension doesn’t work well at the moment.
When I choose ThunderBayes Web Interface it says: “Unable to connect”.
When I want to mark a message as Spam - then there is also some error.
Could somebody tell me how to configure CIS 2013 in this situation?
I need detailed instructions, as I am a newbie to Comodo.
I have Comodo Internet Security 2013 Pro.
Greetings :slight_smile:

i am assuming you are talking of setting up the firewall of comodo

open up comodo UI
click the upper right curved arrow or task
open up the firewall task
click on firewall advance settings
on the left side click the application rules under firewall

on the center you can either right click then select add files or click the arrow under ithen add files

in the comodo applictaion rule
use browse files to select the thunderbird exe ( or whichever exe is used by thunderbird)
and select use ruleselect and email client

hope this helps