Thunderbird and firefox settings


I am sure these answers are here somewhere but I have searched and searched and darn if I can find them. I have just installed cpf and when I start Mozilla firefox and/or thunderbird they both want to act as ‘servers’.

Should I allow that? (although I can’t access the net without allowing it anyway)

Is that normal that they act as ‘servers’??



Until I understand by myself how this wonderful piece of code functions exactly (long time Sygate user) I am interested about setting for this application too.

They are functioning right now, but maybe because I let them do everything, including something that i don’t have to.
Thanks for the help!

Peace out!

Both thunderbird and firefox uses an internal server/client mode, where the “backend” application (the one doing the actual job) is a server, and the frontend (the gui) is a client.

I would solve things by going into the CPF controlpanel, hit the “security” button, then “tasks” then “Define a new trusted application”, and find the respective executables for both firefox and thunderbird.

This will reduce the number of popups (until CPF is updated with the new checksums for firefox & thunderbird).