thunderbird and certificate

where does the certificate install to on my computer so i can import in to thunderbird?


I just downloaded the certificate and then imported it into thuderbird, can’t remember how I did it though :-[ but I have the actual certificate file backed up incase I run into any problems. Sry I can’t help much but if you figure out how to download the actual certificate download it to your desktop, go to Thunderbird, Tools, Options, Privacy, Security, View Certificates, then Import, then just click on your certificate to import it.

Open Internet Explorer, go to Tools–>Internet Options–>Content tab, click on the Certificates button, highlight your certificate and click on Export. Follow the wizard to export to a .pfx file, you will want to choose the option to export the private key, but DON’T delete the private key on successful export. The Export wizard will ask you to give the file a password, remember it. Once you have the PFX file you can import that into Thunderbird.
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