thunder bird + CAVS?

My email client is thunderbird. Ever since I installed CAVS on my computer thunderbird wont connect to the mail server. What can I do to fix this?

Are you using POP email on the standard ports 25 and 110? If not, then CAVS will not scan your emails. The CAVs email sscanner (CavEmSrv.exe) may well be causing your problem if you are using non-standard ports. Alternatively, if your firewall is blocking CavEmSrv.exe then the same thing would probably result.

CAVS2 is a beta product that has not been further developed for a considerable time - if I were you I would not use it anymore- rather I would wait and try CAVS 3 which will be out very soon and will be light years ahead of CAVS2. In the meantime, whilst waiting for CAVS 3 I would recommend you try Avast or Avira free editions.

If you do uninstall CAVS2 I recommend Revo uninstaller to make sure everything is properly removed before installation of anything else.

thanks for the help. any idea when the new version will be out?

There is a beta version due out soon though there have been no dates posted as yet. I suspect it will be within the next few weeks. Hopefully the beta will be close to being a final version so there will not be many betas and release candidates before the final CAVS is ready. I am currently using Avast but will switch to CAVS 3 when it is released.


i had the same problem what i have done is the following, i removed Comodo Firewall 3.0 and CAV 2.0 beta cleaned everything including the register and reinstalled first the anti-virus and then the firewall no more problems i use port 110 and 25. Thunderbird connects and receive and sent super fast mine messages