Three updates within 2 days?

Yesterday Comodo asked to install an update which I did. After the reboot another dialog poped up to install an update. I shut down the computer after installing and when I booted this morning - another dialog box asking for me to install an update. The release notes only show one single update on Oct 11.

I had this before and then I was told there had in fact been several updates that were not listed in the release notes.

But I rather suspect something’s wrong. Maybe the update couldn’t be installed. Is there any way to check it?

(because if there really were three updates in the last few days that’d be quite annoying since it needs a restart everytime)

No updates here… ???

Then there’s probably something wrong. If I just reinstall Comodo will my old rules/settings be saved?

please check out this post here;

Thanks, I copied the file. Both had different hashes, so at least something should have changed now… :slight_smile:

After checking for an update again manually, it started to download a bigger amount of data (about 30mb) and installed it. Everything works fine now. There’s a new GUI to Comodo, so probably before nothing was updated hence the repeating updates.

edit: I just saw the thread you posted had even been stickied. 8) Sorry, I somehow didn’t see it before.

No problem as long as it’s solved :wink: