three month vacation shutdown

i am shutting down my pc for a 3 months well earned vacation. what do i do about comodo? when i return how will comodo be affected?

I don’t know what you refer to when saying:

Comodo is a company and will probably roll on as usual unless your name happens to be “Melih”, CEO of Comodo… :wink:

If you with “comodo” meant “CIS” then as far as I know CIS should be fine but it will be affected in one way:

  1. The anti-virus database is constantly changing. So you can expect antivirus updating will be “needed” once you get back.
  2. Your CIS version “may” be outdated as well once you come back, but that should be easily to solve with an update.

Enjoy your vacation now. :-TU Don’t worry about your computer, its highly unlikely that it will do anything except collect some dust as long as you leave it off and no one accesses it. =)