Three additions to Defense+ Alerts

After finding out that D+, at times, might fail to clearly block accesses to a process even after handling an alert as such, I realize that a fourth, “terminate/end” option will be helpful. By choosing this option, not only will the process be blocked from gaining access to something, it’ll even be blocked from any further access to anything, as it will be killed.

Second Wish: When one executable spawns another, the alert for the spawning corresponds to the spawnee. How about an option to choose as to which executable to answer the alert for?

Third: In situations when you terminate a process, the terminated process might try to restart itself, wherein quarantining the process, to take away it’s power to function, as a result, would give D+ more power.

Finally, a question. Is it possible for D+ to act as a virus, i.e., inject the virus file with waste to render it useless?

Rather than isolating the terminated application within the anti-virus quarantine, I suggest adding a quarantine-like isolation function for D+.

The reason for this request is that, at times, malware can disable CIS - as was in the case of the malware in the “some tests” thread - and it becomes impossible to go to “View Active Processes” and terminate it. Another situation where terminating processes through D+ becomes impossible is when processes hide themselves.

For the 2nd case, the “View to Active Process” can also be improved to make it detect hidden processes.

I just realized that, “My Blocked Files” is similar to the quarantine-like function I was talking about. Well, since it is already there, how about a new “Add to My Blocked Files” option under “treat this application as”?


This is exactly what I am looking for also. I have to agree fully with both of these post. I really want the “Terminate and Destroy” feature which is available in other programs. I know about the process list and I also have “Extended Task Manager” running all the time, but this is a very needed feature in Comodo D+!!! When you do get a malicious program there isn’t an easily accessible way to track it down and Terminate it!

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