ThreatNet and Adding Files

Every other window where you have to add files uses a nice and fast window simular to how you would browse my documents from your start menu. “My Own Safe Files” uses a method simular to the “Explore” option if you right click under your start menu. I hate this method. Not only that but it is SLOW. It takes 5 seconds just to open C:. Fix this so they are all the same.

ThreatNet is a great idea. However it only comes into use when the firewall asks you to add programs. The “Files Waiting for Review” doesn’t use ThreatNet. COMODO should be completely plugged into it. Meaning that if I review my files I have already added, an indicator color should display telling me if it is a safe file or not. So if I added a virus by mistake and everyone else blocked it/ reported it it should have a flashing red light. You get the picture.

I agree with BOTH items raised here. Essential features IMHO.

When Comodo generates an alert there should be a quick 1 or 2 click process to submit a suspect (or not recognised) application’s file to Comodo for analysis. Using Comodo main GUI/Miscellaneous/Submit Suspicious Files is clumsy, too slow, and requires the user to step away from the Warning pop-up.

The ability to check How you have applied settings in the past against other users actions would be extremely useful especially if a novice User has previously and incorrectly applied access rights to malware etc.


to the ThreatCast idea, would also like to see ability to re-interogate ThreatCast
if not initially internet connected during an alert.