threatfire or BOClean?

I have been looking at threatfire it’s got good reviews any feed back will be appreciated
Just need a few opinions whether to use BOClean or threatfire.


The Threatfire is a completely different type of program than CBOClean. Threatfire is a “Application Behaviour Monitor” If something acts like a virus or malware Threatfire will detect it and alert you.

BOClean is more or less a memory monitor. As soon as a virus or malware start to load itself CBOClean stops it and removes it before it has even a chance to breathe. With traditional antivirus software it isn’t until the file has been accessed or is fully active that a traditional antivirus would catch the virus or malware file.

So possibly both is the answer. - P.S. Threatfire looks a hell of a lot like Novatix Cyberhawk ( this was the first one of this kind to come out.

CBOCLean is very good and has saved me in the past. Have a look at the top of this forum for testimonials.

If you want your machine slowed to a crawl then rock and roll with “Threatfire son of Cyberhawk”.
If you want dependable,silent protection that is is as close to a permenent partner watching your back,as I have ever found ,go Bo-Clean!

like EricEgan said, these 2 r completely different type of protection for u.

If u concern abt resource then BOC is very VERY lite while i tried Cyberhawk, it really slowed me down but not sure how threatfire is progressin’.

The reason I asked is I’m stream lining my system I don’t want loads of different spyware protection. I have a fast system & have had threatfire running to test with avast comodo firewall windows defender & BOClean & didn’t see any change in speed.
What I was thinking about is running threatfire with BOClean & gets rid of windows defender or keeps windows defender & gets rid of BOClean & run threatfire.
So would you suggest? To keep my existing setup of

Comodo firewall
Windows Defender

I think getting rid of Windows defender and keep BOClean and Threatfire is would be the best.
Or, is it possible to keep Windows defender as an on-demand scanner?


I feel pretty good with Avast! comodo firewall,and bo-clean.
I use A-squared 2 free and super anti-spyware both as on demand scanners.
Also Firefox with “no Scripts” extension.f

Howdy, folks! Just signed up 'cause I had a question, but I gotta add my two cents to this thread After the debacle of the Spyware Doctor version 5 release back in March, I won’t go near any PC Fools product ever again! Blue (Screen of Death) is not my favorite color, and re-installing Windows is not my idea of a fun weekend!

EDIT: I thought somebody clarified it, but I guess not, so my ‘PC Fools’ comment doesn’t make much sense. PC Tools bought Cyberhawk, ■■■■■■■ it all up, and changed the name to Threatfire. And don’t put too much faith in reviews!

yup i think da answer is clear: MS Defender haf 2 go :slight_smile:

“BOClean is more or less a memory monitor. As soon as a virus or malware start to load itself CBOClean stops it and removes it”

it sure did warned me about a trojan, so i had time to look for it… and not like an antivirus who closes the barn door after the cows spread out
it sure gave me a good feeling, a real time guard

just wonderful :BNC

For people who’s systems are being slowed down by Threatfire, what are your PC specs?

My PC isn’t a top notch system and Threatfire has no discernable impact on the speed of my PC.

AMD 4000+
2 Gig RAM

“So possibly both is the answer. - P.S. Threatfire looks a hell of a lot like Novatix Cyberhawk ( this was the first one of this kind to come out.”

ThreatFire is cyberhawk, just PC Tools bought out novatix.

Threatfire is very low on resources. Infact its a tad more then BO Clean. If you are steamlining then as an anti spyware may i suggest counterspy V2? Its very light and its not a HIPS (ThreatFire will ask about certain behaviors.) SO will counterspy, but counterspy will only ask for certain things as threatfire will ask more any behavior it is not familiar with.

On topic :

I would say Treatfire AND CBOClean :slight_smile:

Off topic :

Hi Keith, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I know PC Tools bought Cyberhawk ( I also tested Cyberhawk for a while ), but can you explain to us how, in your opinion, they ■■■■■■■ it all up ???

Greetz, Red.

Actually according to pc mag pc tools improved cyberhawk.

I don’t understand it either, so that is why I ask him :wink:

Greetz, Red.

I would go with BoClean and Threatfire. Windows Defender is a no-go.


Well, I have tested / are running following anti spy’s .

AD Aware SE, AVG anti spy, BoClean, Counterspy, NoAdware, Spybot, Spyware Doctor, Superantispyware, Trend Micro anti spy, Threatfire, Windows Defender, Xsoftspy SE.

This is my opinion about them:

Adaware SE. = Decent.

AVG antispy = Good.

BoClean = Really good the way it works. Have saved my pc from a couple of really nasty trojans since I installed it 2 weeks ago.

Counterspy = A good compliment to BoClean.

Microsoft Windows Defender = Is included in Vista. Goes under the nickname DCS = Does’nt Catch S**t.

NoAdware = also one of my favourites.

Spybot = Good cookie catcher. But have’nt been able to detect any real malware yet.

Spyware Doctor = Pretty good. But a mayor resource hog.

Superantispyware = Naah!

Trend Micro Antispy = Average

Threatfire = One of PC tools more mediocre programs.They should stick to Registry Mechanic. PC Doctor is better then. Despite the pretty big foot print.

Xsoftspy SE = Decent

So, if I would pick some good antispy’s for my pc. It would be BoClean, Counterspy and NoAdware. And eventually AVG Anti Spy too.

wow that is a lot of programs. dude all you need is counter spy for realtime and spyware doctor for removal, and spybot for removal thats all you really need if you use an alternative browser and surf safe.

No, I dont use all those antispy’s. These above are just some of the ones I have tested.

I only use BoClean, Counterspy and NoAdware nowadays.