ThreatFire and BOClean together?

Is it over kill to run them both together? Or do I need just 1? Not sure which is the better product.


They’re both different softwares, so you should run both fo them.
BOClean scans the executable before they load themselves into the memory. If a malware is found, it’ll be prevented from running. So it’ll save you before the malware gets a chance to do anything at all.
ThreatFire works by checking the behaviour of the executable, based on suspicious behaviour (which might be used by legitimate softwares).
So using them both together wouldn’t be an overkill. It will give you some extra protection (:WIN)
I don’t think there’s any conflicts between the two tho.


Thanks for the response. I am also using the following. I should have listed them when I asked the question.

Avira premium edition
Comodo firewall with Defensive+
Spybot S&D with Immunize

Do you still feel its okay to run BOClean as well?

CFP 3 is really enough for real-time protection if you now what you’re doing, and have configured it properly.
Are you using SUPERAntiSpyware real-time (in case you have the paid version)?
And for WinPatrol… I haven’t used it, but I’ll post some stuff that you can replace it with, so that you won’t need to have it running all the time.

  • Detect and Review New Auto-Startup Programs - Defense+ does this. Also possible with regedit.
  • Automatically Disable Reoccuring Startup Programs - You can this with regedit or Spybot S&D.
  • Monitor BHO’s and Tool Bars - You can check all the toolbars and BHO’s in Spybot S&D (and regedit).
  • Monitor Creation of Scheduled Tasks - I guess that’s the Windows Task Scheduler? You can simply check what’s scheduled to run by opening cmd.exe and write at.
  • Display and Kill Multiple Running Tasks - If this is really necessary to terminate a malware process, use IceSword. It’s able to kill all processes.
  • Monitor, Stop and Control Window Services - I prefer services.msc
  • Manage and Automatically Remove Unwanted Cookies - Not too hard to clear the Cookies-folder yourself :wink:
  • Monitor IE Home and Search pages - Can’t you do this with Internet Options?
  • Monitor and Edit HOST File - You can edit it with Notepad.

So Avira Premium, CFP 3 with Defense+ and BOClean (and ThreatFire, tho CFP 3’s heurisitc scanning can replace it) is my recommendation.
And then SpywareBlaster and Spybot S&D’s prevention methods :wink:


With all respect, but I don’t think he needs ThreatFire in his set-up. Avira has a good heuristic scanner, so for me this is a little bit overkill :-\

Greetz, Red.

Thanks for the replies. Are any of you guys having problems with Defensive+ remembering things? The biggest thing is making a new policy with a trusted app. selection and it will not remember every time. Usually this happens when turning on my pc or restarting. Kind of annoying. I have it set to Train With Safe Mode.