A few days ago I updated to CIS 5.0. It’s awesome, but I’m wondering what happened to Threatcast. I can’t find it in “Preferences” anymore and when I get a firewall/av/defense+ alert it’s also gone.

threatcast is useless.

Threatcast is no longer necessary because the files are checked online in the cloud.

Threatcast will be returning in a future version, redesigned, btw.
That is all that is known at this time.

Ok, thanks for the info! :slight_smile:

Great.I like it and i hope it will return.


To me it was useless because it never really worked.

I never really got any ratings from other users, and when i finally did, it only showed what i had previously chosen. I think i got actual user ratings about 5 times in total, and 1 of these did show 75% had denied a file, which was safe and signed by Microsoft.