Why don’t we see threatcast anymore??? they said it would be in beta 5.0 but no it never was put in??? are we going to even have threatcast anymore or is it just gone??

Threatcast proved to be a major threat for CIS so I guess they quarantined it :wink: for the time being, hope they will restore it & not delete it. :smiley:

Have Fun

how is it a threat if anything it would help it? Anyway they promised to put it in again in the beta 5.0 and again comodo disappoints it’s users. 88) 88) 88) 88) 88) 88)

I’m hoping we haven’t seen it yet because they’re adding something new to it. ;D

I think it’s time has probably passed, as it only gave an indication of the proportion of users who thought something was safe, so not very scientific.

The cloud analysis will likely be a far more reliable and automatic system and require much less user input.

Threatcast never did work reliably for me, so I don’t miss it.


But I guess if its exploited & improved, its a really helpful & excellent feature.


I think if threatcast work in Norton style, showing the reputation of files it would be really great

Exactly. I think that’s much more useful to the common user.

Because i remember when i tried comodo in the past these threatcast reports were not so useful because it reminds me WOT that is not very reliable to my mind

With the current system (v5), you really don’t need ThreatCast.