Just wanted to know whats happend to threatcast in the new beta version?

OMG this ticks me off i have not seen it once. When comodo 5.0 was in alpha beta and mods tested it they said it worked now it does not? I don’t think threatcast is coming back at all not even in final.

That’s a pitty, because threat cast could be very useful . Comodo’s competitors use it now (norton shows you the reputation of downloaded files and kaspersky added wisdom of crowd)

This is unacceptable comodo needs to explain. >:(

maybe they arent going to put it back in till its a final release

yea that’s what they said in version 4.0 and 4.1 but did that happen? N0.

This is irritating Don’t you think they should have put it in the second beta of comodo? and not the final as the threat cast was not tested in the beta at all. Everything should be tested as beta even threat cast it would make no sense to put it into final knowing that it was not tested during the beta stages. that would just make more of the users have headaches.