I have not seen any Threatcast options for weeks now. Could someone please advise if it is still working with the latest version of CIS. I subscribed to Threatcast etc


CIS & WinPatrol+

I have been signed up (multiple times) the whole time I’ve been with COMODO and I have yet to see my first Threatcast result. I’ve seen other threads and other (apparent) fixes, but none have helped me so far. >:(

it’s a known issue COMODO couldn’t keep up with the threatcast worldwide request to their server. I have been suggested to wait for version 4.

So be patience I guess.

I wish COMODO would acknowledge this fact instead of acting like everything’s working fine upon install. Patience truly is a virtue for COMODO fans.

I do not use threatcast anymore. But, when I was first trying threatcast, I found that I had to subscribe to threatcast when installing CIS in order to get any threatcast ratings. If I did not subscribe to threatcast during install, I got no threatcast ratings (even if I turned on threatcast in the miscellaneous settings). So, to get threatcast rating, you may need to reinstall CIS and subscribe to threatcast when installing.

I am not sure if the issue described above was ever fixed in the last few updates (but I suspect not).
Perhaps one of the development team can let us know what is going on with threatcast. I am curious to know also.

I am in Spain using CIS4 RC and there are no signs of Threatcast ratings here.

Not had any for approx three weeks it still tries but never gets a answer.


Threatcast works for me. CIS 4.0.133118.719. :slight_smile:

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I think it’s a regional variation, when I am in France I see it occasionally.

I subscribed upon install as well, still nothing. Is this problem being addressed? COMODO always talks about making CIS a bit easier for newer users and Threatcast is a HUGE step in that direction imo. It also doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in your users when a major part of your product doesn’t work.

Let’s hope that Comodo sorts this problem out, as it clearly needs it… Hope all is fixed in v4.

That’s what I guess too. That threatcast only works for several countries.
Funny thing is when I put the issue forward then, in several days threatcast was starting to work fine again then it ceases working again and still show no sign of activity up to now

Threatcast is just another example of a good idea let down by poor developing and poor attention.

Agreed, though I have experienced enough security companies to say " at least COMODO is trying". :slight_smile:

I’m also having ‘issues’ with Threatcast in The Netherlands. Sometimes it works, most of the time no rating.