Threatcast working?

I uninstalled CIS V4 and did a fresh install and lo & behold Threatcast decided to work! (:CLP) I have read about and experienced a lot of “nothing” from this program but if Comodo will keep this functioning I know that I for one will be a much happier camper. ;D I believe if Threatcast wouldn’t have been a mess for V3, many of the “it’s not user friendly” arguments could have been quelled. Anyone else notice a working Threatcast?

I thought most of the time when it isn’t working it’s not a local problem at the user’s end, but at Comodo’s server side.

Here it’s working ;D

Just started working the last two days, had not seen any for approx three/four weeks.


It’s fully absent in my setup too. Win7 64bit. Never any notice available.

Well, it seems I spoke too soon. Threatcast just stopped working for no reason. Seriously, either fix this or do away with it. It’s really getting tiring recommending CIS and following it up with “don’t be suprised if Threatcast doesn’t work, or if it does don’t get attached to it because it might just quit for no reason at all.” 88)

Someone had posted a tip here in the forums a while back. If Threatcast stops working, simply exit the Comodo GUI while online (right click the Comodo icon and select Exit), then restart the GUI from your start menu. This has worked for me every time.

Same here. I’m behind a NAT if this is relevant.

I’ve just read the FAQ and it seems it might be relevant. I don’t need it that much. I’m more concerned if TC works for my less IT friends. I’ll ask them.

Threatcas is NOT working at all at my machine. I have tried to exit CIS and then restarted it with no luck. Threatcast is absence! I have tried CIS many times and many of the different versions. But I have never ever managed to get threatcast work.

Maybe it would be better if threatcast was taken away from CIS? If not maybe it would be an idea to work intense to make threatcast work so when people talk about threatcast it would be as the light is for the day and the dark is for the night!

It is a vital part of CIS but as it stands now it is not stable! I would love to put CIS on the computers for my father, my sisters and my brothers. But since threatcast is not working, they are in no position to make decision to the questions that may be asked ny CIS.