Threatcast stopped working after updating to 3.12

I did a clean install of 3.12 today. And now threatcast wont work. Using 3.11 it was working great, but after I uninstalled 3.11 and installed 3.12 threatcast wont work. Whatever pop up threatcast has no anwer. Any idea? ???

Were you connected to the web when installed CIS?

Yes I was. I have a wireless connection that is alwas connected.

I’m not sure if the service is currently down, but it goes down a lot.

Ok. I have just installed a fresh copy of vsta 32bit. Installed comodo 3.12 with internet connection alive. Still the same problem. No threatcast. :frowning:

I have the same problem! Version 3.12 and no Threatcast. I said it shall, but it just doesnt.