Threatcast redesign?

is threatcast still planning on being implemented into comodo again? is there any word on the progress of the new threatcast. i would love to see it come back.

threatcast is useless.

It’s not useless at all, in previous versions it was perhaps not implemented very well, but with some changes it will become a very useful tool.

yup threatcast was a good thing…
both for beginner and advanced…
it was more like sharing wat u know n think abt a program in the community…

no and u know its not true.

You have cloud now, comeback in this area.

Cloud has nothing to do with threatcast, their function is completely different and they can live together without any redundance.

Threatcast was very useful for all non-experts out there and I’d like to see it back too, but this time I would also like to see it working 24/7 rather than 1 time in a month lol.

Sandbox is a good alternative though, in case the user don’t know what to answer to CIS’ questions.

I share krensauce point of view. It’s always good to share info. What if someone installs a malware without knowing, then the Threatcast tell: is many percent says it’s bad and so many percent says it’s good, which, hopefully, will help the user to make a wiser decision.


Cloud av & antivirus is here for that, sandbox for unknow application.

What about the rating of the files?Where is it?

+1 for threatcast, i liked it when we had an old beta for firewallv3 a few years back.

Threatcast never did anything for me either when it was a stand alone program or in COMODO Internet Security 3.14. So why would you want something that will use up ram and cpu and do nothing. Isay let it be it’s own program not apart of Internet Security so people who wants it can put it on there computer and the rest of us who don’t isn’t stuck with it.

maybe it didnt work well for you in the past but i think that is why they are redesigning it. it will probably work a lot beter and have really helpful and useful features

Absolutely true! :-TU

A Complete waste of time & resources +1+1 = 88) … a lot :smiley:


threatcast was so usefull in the past at the lvl of im using v5 for many months and did not noticed threatcast was missing untill i saw this topic XD

As many users pointed here and in other dedicated threads in the past since it was introduced - it was never useful by any means
In addition to usefulness - rather uselessness - it never worked properly anyway.

you din’t noticed my sarcasm?

Ahh! I see it now, sorry really missed that :wink: … it happens
Read my PM

The biggest problem with the current AVG is to much ■■■■ in the program and it slows everything down. People here are saying COMODO uses to mush resources and you want to add something worthless as threatcast. I say let Internet Security stay as is and if you want ■■■■■■ Threatcast have it as a stand alone program by itself. So the rest of us isn’t stuck with stuff that eats up ram and cpu.

Hi MJR1 ,

Comodo is very low on resources.
The cases where users are complain about the alleged issue should be dealt with individually.
Most of those users complaining, unfortunately are not yet experienced users & there are numerous scenarios “when & why” they may encounter the said problem
Comodo is not the one to be blamed here - 100% & Period ! :slight_smile: I can tell more , but… that is out of scope here

Indeed ThreatCast was & is & will be ■■■■ and have to go into the “Dicontinued” section all together with some other current developments ( !ot!)
At the same time it has nothing to do with CPU usage & alike

Not sure whay AVG was brought here ???
No slowdowns whatsoever. I’m using it for ages on XP as AV (at least better detection rate and practically no FPs … (just a few fixed the same day) compare to Comodo AV
Similar applies to Avira (much stronger) on-demand on win 7 x64 and full EAM as main AV solution (the best!)

Re: AVG, since you mentioned it - do not ever install anything as default.
Always use Custom Installation. Disable Link Scanner ■■■■; Office “protection” … Definitely disable real-time e-mail scanning , which is just a dangerous & unaceptable thing to do with any AV. Real-time e-mail scanning is a real stupidity

So, when the services as above mentioned are disabled - you will not have any (“practically” hope you understand that ) impact on system performance


AVG with it’s Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware and the main check for updates gui would send my AMD Quad core to 40 to 50 percent with nothing else running accept winpatrol. On the other hand COMODO Internet Security with AV and sandbox with Winpatrol and Firefox running only gets my CPU up to 13 percent. And I found AVG missed alot of small things that COMODO doesn’t. My point is the more stuff you cram into a program like Threatcast the higher the ram useage will be and cpu useage will be plus more annoying pop ups there are. So the best is to have it as a stand alone program so people who don’t want Internet Security but may want Theatcast can have it and the other way around as well people like myself who want COMODO’S Internet Security but not the Threatcast. Then both groups of people would be happier rather than to have it all in one program.