Threatcast [POLL, please vote]

Strange indeed. A poll might be of use to see how many of us are “left out”?

If it’s OK with the topic starter Whoop-dee-doo, let’s add a poll. :-La

He doesn’t seem to have been around in the thread for two days, but we might be so bold as to have a go without permission? Would you do the honours, LA (or maybe it’s better to start a new thread, I don’t know)?

(Perhaps not possible to add a poll to someone elses thread even, have no idea ^_^)

I’ll go ahead and add a poll, if Whoop objects we can easily remove it. :slight_smile:

It’s okay with me :-TU…I voted: still no threat cast ratings.
I would like to test the threatcast ratings…so if anybody has a solution to this issue, please post it!


Great. :slight_smile:

I guess we could get some hint if we knew more about how actually TC works, locally on our machines. For example, are there any certain dependencies? This question, and maybe something else, probably needs to be answered…

I’ve yet to see a Threatcast rating for anything, including some well-known applications. I guess something’s amiss with TC for some of us.

It seems as if CIS is retrieving TC data when an alert pops up, but it never seems to find any.

Using Win XP Home SP3 Finnish,
CIS latest version Threatcast is enabled, Defense+ set to safe mode, firewall to safe mode, configuration is Proactive security.

I was using CIS 3.5, which I uninstalled before installing CIS 3.8.

I installed Ashampoo Burning Studio 2009 free and i received info from TC, and other programs i can’t remember.

I saw it once. But only once and no more…hmmm.

Could it be that just people who still have the default CIS settings get TC ratings? :THNK

Same for me here, not seen any alert
Same configuration as yours, except for the text written in bold.

I’ve also disabled some windows startup services, but someone said he didn’t receive TC alerts even on a non-tweaked xp installation, so…

I quote this

Well, don’t want to spoil the fun for you guys, but I receive a lot of Threat cast ratings… (:LGH), I mean almost every alert I get has a threat cast rating, though not all the threat cast ratings show a huge amount of info about the ratings…

If it is not working for so many people, then this should be considered a BUG.
I would be nice if there was some response by the threatcast developers.
Even a simple response will do, such as “not sure what is going on…we’re working on it” or “it’s a bug, we’re in the process of fixing it.”

Still haven’t seen any ratings…

I tried changing different settings but that didn’t have any effect. I noticed that cfp.exe queries data from HKLM\SYSTEM\Software\Comodo\Firewall Pro\ThreatCast and also opens a random UDP port for a couple of seconds when retrieving a Threatcast rating. But that’s all.

I also haven’t received any TC rating. I start to wonder if it’s working or not. Can router with build in firewall have something to do it like block the TC to get info?? I have no clue if it’s so.

+1, there are many no-voters (I’m still one of them). At first I was thinking of maybe some Windows Service dependence, but I doubt that all those no-voters have tweaked their systems to that degree.

Don’t think so, I have no router/hardware, just CIS… Anyway “brainstorming” is not a bad idea, this way we may be able to find some hint.

I don’t believe so, because I’m seeing the alerts and I have a router with firewall.

Same here - I get them and I’m behind a FW’d router.

Ewen :slight_smile:

hehe… we’ve come a long way… almost half of the responder hasn’t received any alert and we are having to tell people how to get an alert!!!

I guess we are making CIS very user friendly by making it very quite now :wink:


I appreciate your input, Melih, but this is not about getting alerts. It’s that none of the alerts contain any Threatcast rating.

I do get alerts, but not as much as I did with CIS 3.5. The amount of alerts is quite bearable now and in level with my configuration options. So good job on that :-TU

Back to topic: The following screenshot shows me launching Google Earth. Surely someone has answered this question about Google Earth accessing the screen before? At least I have, many times, while testing this issue with Threatcast.

I wonder what the cause is… I’m also using a router, but as already said, that doesn’t seem to have an effect. Is Threatcast working for anyone with a non-English operating system? I’m grasping at straws here 88)

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