Threatcast not working

I had installed Comodo Firewall a few weeks back and have not been able to recieve any threatcast ratings, since I installed. I keep getting a message on the “Threatcast Ratings” tab on the firewall popups, stating: “No threatcast rating is available at the moment”. I have never recieved one successful rating. It’s always the same result, no matter what program, file or action occurs. Anyone able to help? Thanks.

Product: Comodo Firewall
Ver: 3.8

Hello Passing. I had the same problem with version 3.8477 which i assume you are using?. i am testing version 3.9rc2 beta and threatcast returned with a vengeance. it shows up everytime i install a new application. So either wait until 12th may when 3.9 final should be released or give the beta a try as its pretty stable in my opinion. You can download the beta from this forum.


I receive Threatcast ratings and using v3.8.65951 on clean install.

Thanks Dave. I am indeed using that same verison. I don’t quite understand what would be causing it but my best guess is a bug.